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Full text of "Marriages in New Lebanon, New York : [performed by] Rev. Silas Churchill, 1795-1851 [and] Ira Hand, Esq., Justice of the Peace, 1832-1852"

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1833 02209 4384 


No. 4 




No. 4 


REV. SILAS CHURCHILL, 1795 - 1851 
IRA HAND, Esq., Justice of the Peace, 1832 - 1852 

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No.l Identifications of "unidentified" v/ives in 

Aug. 1940 "Y/illiamstown Vital Records to 1850". 13 pp 25^ 

No. 2 "Register" of Dr .William H. Tyler 

Aug. 1941 Notes on Tyler , Hamilton and other families 

With index 40 pp 75^ 

No. 3 Marriages in Pownal, Vermont, to 1850 51 pp $1,00 
Dec. 1941 

No. 4 

Mar. 1943 Marriages in New Lebanon, N.Y. 

With place index 49 pp $1.25 

To follow: 
Marriages and Families in Savoy, Mass. 
Families of Pownal, Vermont 
Marriages and Families in Plainfiold, Mass. 
Marriages and Families in Cummington, Mass. 



The town of New Lebanon in the Northeast corner of Columbia 
County is separated from Berkshire County, Massachusetts, only 
by the Taconic range of the Berkshire Hills. In the first 
half of the 1800' s the town was noted for two things: at Mount 
Lebanon was the largest and most important settlement of the 
Shakers, and at Lebanon Springs only a few miles to the North 
was one of the most popular Summer resorts. Some of the many 
hotels of that period are still standing tho showing their age. 
The Spa was evidently much frequented by Berkshire County people 
and was a favorite place for weddings. 

The Reverend Silas Churchill, pastor of the Presbyterian 
Church at New Lebanon, kept a record of the marriages performed 
by him extending from 1795 to 1852. For the most of these years 
the record was carefully kept, but at first he did not give the 
residence and often the given or even the family name is missing. 
A copy of the Churchill record is in the Cooke Collection of 
early records in the Berkshire Atheneum in Pittsfield, with this 

Pittsfield, Mass., Nov. 27, 1900 
The foregoing is a copy of the records of Pev. Silas Churchill of 
New Lebanon, N.Y. except that he named all those present at some of the 
later marriages. It is copied from a certified copy from the original 
t^o small books, the copy having been made by H. L. Fobinson of Cuyahoga 
Co., Ohio, from the original in possession of S. P. Churchill of Cleveland, 
Ohio, May 5, 1886. The book from which this copy ^as made is in the hands 
of Miss Anna Hull, New Lebanon, N.Y. 

Pollin H. Cooke 

Supplementing the Churchill records and covering the years 
1832-1852 there is in the Berkshire Atheneum a record of marriages 
performed by Ira Hand, Justice of the Peace in New Lebanon. 
This has been copied from the original record by Miss Olive R. 
Hand of Lebanon Springs. 

Most of the parties to these marriages were from Western 
Massachusetts and these records fill in many gaps in the Town 
records. I have kept the two records separate, arranging each 
in alphabetic order, and have made a single index of the names 
by place of residence, omitting those of New Lebanon itself. 

I wish to thank Miss Fanny G. Clark of the Berkshire Atheneum 
for permission to use their copies, and Miss Mary G. Curtis of 
Pittsfield for invaluable help in making the compilation. 

Elmer I. Shepard 

Willia^istown, Mass 
Mar oh 21, 1945 


State designation is omitted if it is Massachusetts, or with 

New Lebanon, N.Y. A few abbreviations are used as necessary: 
Chfd Chesterfield GtB Great Barringtcn Stbr Stockbridge 

Ehmp Easthampton N Leb New Lebanon, NY Ptfd Pittsfield 
Nhnp Northampton Schdy Schenectady, NY Wmst Williamstown 
Shmp Southampton Stph Stephen town, NY 

Abbe, Hannah m 1814 James Ferguson, both Peru 
Abbot, Abel in Sep?1797 Lav/ 

Abel Jr m 3 Mar 1799 Phebe Bentley 

Almina m 25 Apr 1641 Miron S.Abbot 

Marcia m 1317 Harry Hubbard 

Rene m 29 Jun 1798 Seth Abbot 

William m 9 Aug 1799 Polly Daily 
Acock, Emily, Hancock, m 17 Feb 1833 George Parker, Lanesboro 
Adams, Mary m 5 Jan 1636 Washington Hitchcock, both N Leb 
Allen, Lucretia, Leb, m 24 Aug 1815 Jeremiah Shumway 
Amum, Delina m 3 Oct 1827 Simeon VanRenselaer ( colored) both Ptfd 
Anderson, George, Lynn, m 15 Mar 1820 Phebe Greene, Ptfd 
Andrews, Samuel, Stbr, m 10 Jan 1821 Hannah Potter, Lenox 

Rebecca, Stbr, m 12 Oct 1820 S. Nichols, Sullivan, NY 

Sally, N Leb, m Oct 1814 

Andrus ,.*..... m 4 Mar 1790 Norton 

Alvah Wm. 111 19 Feb 1826 Jane A. Phelps, both Troy, NY 

Austin, Stbr, m 31 May 1816 Catharine Ranney ,Claverack,NY 

Hannah m 7 Oct 1827 Albert Perkins, both Stephentown,NY 

Joseph m 11 Dec 1829 Olive Herrick, both Mew Lebanon 
Arnold, Sylvester, Lenox, m 18 Jul 1814 Rumina Dibble, Washington 
Arthur, Franklin m 22 May 1821 Mary Pease, both Westfield 
Ashworth, Robert m 30 Mar 1316 Rosina Bishop, both Stockbridge 
August, Jesse m 10 Aug 1616 Charlotte Green, both Stockbridge 

Lucy m 4 Jan 1821 Jacob B. Mullen ( colored) both Pittsfield 
Austin, Chester m 18 Jul 1329 Miriam Sage, both Sheffield 
Avery, Clarissa m 27 Oct 1825 Silas Churchill Jr, both N leb 

Maryan, Montgomery, m 13 Aug 1625 Andrew Johnson, Norwich 

Babb, Thomas m 2 Nov 1521 Nancy Clark, both Otis 

Babcock, Emily m 8 Aug 1620 Gardiner Hayden 
Ester m 21 Aug 1795 John Sherwood 

George m 2 Jun 1822 Hannah Rich, both Mew Lebanon 
Hannah AInira, N Leb, m 23 Jan 1821 Calvin P. May, Richmond 
Ja'oez m 12 Ms:.? 1320 Rebecca Cook, both New Lebanon 

' Lydia Ester, Hew Leb mon, m ?Nov 1335 of N.Y. 

Louisa 5". m 11 Aug 1342 James Henry Rich, both New Lebanon 

Badger, John m 19 Feb 17 97 Lydia Law 

Bagg, Calvin m 50 Nov 1319 Martha Wheeler, Lanesboro both 
Naomi m 7 Nov 1820 Amos Lanphier, both Lanesboro 

Bailey, Caleb m 28 Oct 1813 Betsey Kill, both Lenox 

Olive 3., Ptfd, m 17 Sep 1835 Corydon W. Hartwell, Cummington 
Robert M. m 15 Apr 1319 Maria Pierce, both New Lebanon 
Thomas m 28 Aug 1630 Eliza Hicox, both Pittsfield 

Baker , ....... m 19 Jun 1817 Delia ...,..., both Chester 

Hannah Maria, Lafayette, NY, m 25 Jul 1835 Merick Baker, OtiscoNY 
Olive? rn 17 Aiug 1615 Stephen ........ both Lenox 



Baker, Rebecca m 3 Oct 1825 Pardon Sutlott, both Dalton 

Sabrina, Ptfd, m 4 Feb 1816 Milliara Vest, Murray ;f in Genesee" 

Susan m 28 Oct 1818 V/m. R. Fease, both Canaan, NY 

Baldwin, m ?Nov 1800 Mr Gilbert 

Ball, Jonathan K. in 8 Apr 1827 Miranda Daniels, both Pittsfield 
Barber, Hiram, Freedom, 0. m 6 Jul 183G Mary Hedger, Richmond 
Bardon, Hannah m 27 May 1827 George Brown, both Canaan, NY 

Thomas m 11 Apr 1820 Polly Jackson, both './ashington 

Bargaii, Miss V. m 23 Feb 1818 , both Dalton 

Barker', ....... m 1? Sep 1802 Harriet "/hiting 

Harriet m 1 Mar 1836 Mathew A.Patterson, both New Lebanon 

Sally m 8 Sep 1797 Thomas Lusk 
Barnard, Eliza 0. , Greenfield, m 6 May 1834 Robert R. Field, HartfordCt 
Barnes, Naaman m. 4 Nov 1823 Ann Hubbel, both Lanesboro 

\7right H. ,Becket, m 7 Nov 1850 Henriette Segears, Pittsfield 
Barnuivi,Lt .Ephraim K. , U.S. Array a 23 Aug 1819 Caroline Phelps, Lanesboro 
Barnyart, Juliette, Canaan, NY m 28 Dec 1817 '/m.Holcomb,Stephentown,NY 
Barrit, David,'. /ashington, m 6 Mar 1817 Hannah Herring, Pittsfield 
Bartlett , Fanny ra 3 May 1821 Levi Chandler, both Pittsfield 
Barton, Hannah ra 10 May 1823 John M. Niver. both Kinderhook,NY 
Bash, Joseph, Leb , ra 7 Oct 1816 Sally Paul, New Canaan, NY 
Bason, Ebenezer M. , Lanesboro, m 5 Oct 1816 Mary Fairfield, Pittsfield 

John (ex -Shaker) ra ?Sep 1856 Julia Doolittle, New Lebanon 
Bassett, Nathan Jr m 24 Oct 1816 Maria Lawk 

Bates, ra 19 Mar 1815 Maria Rosin 

Batterson, Henry ra 3 Jun 1824 Martha King, both V/est Stockbridge 

Baxter, Hall '/. ra 2 Dec 1830 Loisa Perry, both Hancock 

Eazzel, Jacob ra 23 Nov 1825 Sophia Gardner, both Lee 

Beach, 'Rev. Edwards A. ,3tph, in 11 Aug 1829 Rhoda A.Churchill, N Leb 

Lydia, N Leb, n 11 May 1824 Benjamin Farr, Cumraington 
Beals, Harriet L. , '..'indsor, m 24 Apr 1834 Mm. E. Dunning, Malta, NY 
Belden,Mary, Chester, m 1 Mar 1826 V/alter S. Hatch, Shrewsbury ,Vt 
Bennett, Annah m 15 Oct 1818 Barnabas Mosier, both New Lebanon 

Eathsheba, Stph, ra 30 Jun 1824 Milliam ,'ilbur, New Lebanon 

Henry './. ra 25 M.ay 1820 Lucy Thatcher, both Lee 

Lydia ra 6 Jun 1819 Joseph Fair, both Stephentown,NY 

Maria m 27 May 1830 Rensalaer Grant (colored) both Pittsfield 

Peter ra 28 Aug 1816 Laura Clark, both Pittsfield 

Pruda ra 25 May 1820 Luther R. Thatcher ; both Lee 

Rhoda L. , Stph, ra 16 May 1826 John H„ Holmes, Leicester 
Bent ley, £iss..... ra 19 Jan 1797 Mr.... Dow 

Phebo r:-. 3 Mar 1799 Abel Abbot Jr 

p.ura ra 11 Jul 1822 Sonsalaer Taylor, both Pittsfield 
Benton, Clivo. Lenox, ra 11 Sep 1823 Samuel -/right. Stockbridge 
Setts. Mm an': a ra 2 n Nov 1822 John M. Gilbert 

Ssliy ra II Nov 1B22 Gocrge Cornwoll, both Nev/ Lebanon 
Bigelow, . . .Dau, JpJjcz, ra 25 Sep 1314 ....... 

...... ra 21 Jan 1819 Mr. .... Rice, both Nev; Lebanon 

David ra 31 Oct 1833 Keturah Hall 

Lavinia ra 7? No - :'" 1.833 Mr...... Cady, both New Lebanon 

Billings, Aaron, Amherst, ra 21 May 1821 Olive Madams, NewLebanon 
Bishop, ..... ra 25 Aug 1826 dau. Benjamin Carpenter , Stph 

Lydia L. ,Stbr, ra 26 Oct 1815 Dr. Miles C.Francis , Bristol, Ct 

Rosina ra 30 Mar 1815 Robert Ashworth, both Stockbridge 

Ur-i ..: 25 Feb 18.19 Fanny Rowe, both Blanford /Lenox 

Byrnes, Moses Jr, Delaware, 0. ra 27 Apr 1815 Elizabeth Eggleston, 
BiakeIoy f Mittie ra 4 ^c^ 3 795 Ira Hubbard 

Blanchard, Clarissa, Pittsfield, ra 10 Dec 1318 Noah Finch, Stph 
Bliss, Elizabeth Bathsheba,Lce,m 17 Jan 1838 Milliams?Ingersol, Lenox 


Bolton, Jeremiah m 10 Mar 1829 Harriot Talcott, both Richmond 
Bostwick, Delia m Benjamin Peabody 

Eliza, N Leb, m 3 Oct 1830 Rc-v. Nathaniel Button, Champion, NY 
Sally m ?Apr 1799 Ab*n Seward 
Boughton, Achsah m ... 1800 Deodatus ;/hitwood 
Bowman, Smalino, N Lob, m 2 Dec 1844 John Davis, Pittsficld 
Maryann m 2 Dec 1844 Charles Churchill, both Nov/ Lebanon 

Boyd, , Augusta, NY, m 19 Feb 1814 Polly , Beckot 

Boydon, Susan m 20 Feb 1825 Oliver Luce, both Pittsficld 

Boynton, Phebe S. m 11 Mar 1819 Jairus Dickeman, both WestStockbrid^ 

Bradley, Cynthia m 28 Au;^ 1825 Horace Malker, both Dalton 

Sarah Ann m 30 Dec 1827 Franklin Sturges, both Lancsboro 
Bradner, Margaret m 2 Fob 1815 Isaac Jones Jr, both Stockbridgc 
Brady, Margaret m 31 Jul 1837 James Murphy, both N Y City 
Bramhall, Edmund m 19 Fob 1814 Sally Kurlbut , both Canaan, NY 
Brcyor, Francis L. m 6 Sop 1829 Love A. Kane, both South Adams 
Briggs, George II. m 28 May 1818 Harriet Hall, both Lancsboro 
Henry G. ,Ptfd, m 6 Aug 1849 Mary Elizabeth Talcott, Lancsboro 
Milliam P., Adams, m 10 Oct 1819 Malina Brown, Cheshire 
Bristol, Eliphalct ra 15 Jul 1827 Laura Crocker, both Canaan, NY 
Brittcll, Claudius m 13 Jun 1814 Philone '/ilson, M;ybridge,Vt 
Broad, Betsey, Hancock, m 25 Jun 1815 Stephen Payne, Peru 
Lucinda m 4 Oct 1829 Peter Youngs, both Pittsficld 
Lucy, Lob or Hancock, m 3 May 1818 Allen Spencer 
Brovm, Eunice, N Lcb, m 20 Jan 1814 Charles For 

George m 27 May 1827 Hannah Bardon, both Canaan, NY 
Hiram '.'. a 25 Feb 1519 Polly Chapman, both Stophentown.NY 
Joseph m 18 Apr 1815 Polly Towels, both Montague 
Joseph, Brownvillc, m 28 Jan 1816 Cornelia Tryon, Now Lebanon 
Luana m 2 Fob 1825 G. Green, both 3tophcntown,NY 
Malinda, Cheshire, m 10 Oct 1819 Milliam P. Briggs, Adams 
Mary Ann, Ptfd, m 20 Aug 1827 John Hollister Esq. Perrisburgh,0 . 
Sarah Ann, Alford, m 10 Jul 1S33 Charles V/ollor, Richmond, Va 
Stephen Credo m 30 Jan 1814 widow Phebc Plumb, both N Lob 
Thomas B., Adams, m 16 Sep 1820 Ann Mood, Cheshire 
Buck, Emily, Stockbridgc, m 11 Feb 1824 Hiram Taylor, Berlin, Vt 
Hosca, Lancsboro, m 30 Aug 1826 Cliloe Potter, Cheshire 
Jeremiah m 20 Jul 1814 Mrs. Mary Hutchinson, Stockbridgc 
Louisa, Lancsboro, m 24 Feb 1821 Oliver Partridge, Pittsf'iold 
Buckley, Gor shorn T. m 23 Mar 1314 Juliann Kellogg, both Mmst 
Bull, John Esq. m 6 Oct 1344 Marcia Spencer, both New Lebanon 
Bullcys, Peter m 9 Jan 1799 Cristian Folluck 

Burbank, Sarah, Mmst, m 22 Oct 1814 Oliver Root Esq., Benson, Vt 
Burdick, Nathan, Schdy, m 2 Fob 1829 Experience Chapin, Pittsficld 
Burger, John m 18 Aug 1822 Maria Richards, both Chatham, NY 

Burghardt, Garrit, Kindorhook,NY m 24. Dec 1815 Vanduson, GtB 

Burlingame, Mary, Cheshire, m 2 Feb 1824 George A. Hakes, Hancock 
Burr, Moses m 25 Sep 1814 Maryan Miller 

Eurritt, John m 14 Oct 1847 Mary Courtney (colored) New Lebanon 
Burt, Ebonozer Jr,?tfd, m 2 Sep 1824 Emily Mattison, Richmond 

James Henry m 7 Jun 1851 Elizabeth Augusta Sickles, both Ptfd 
Butler, Adah Ann m 23 Sep 1828 Reuben Humphrey 

Buttcrfield, Harriot, Bolchortown,m 31 Aug 1831 Jeremiah Cook, Kadi oy 
Oliver m 23 Nov 1815 Dorrencv? Tilly, both Chesterfield 


Cadwell, Miss m 19 Jan 1797 Mr. .. .Polly 

Cady, Mr ra 31 Jan 1797 Susanna Pease 

Mr el 7? Nov 1833 Lavinia Bigelow, both Hew Lebanon 

Sally, Canaan, NY ra 10 Jul 1814 Isaac B. Marcellus, Schenectady, NY 
Stile, Pittsfield, m 8 Feb 1825 Sophia French, Northampton 
Cagsba, Rufus, Richmond, m 10 May 1823 Rebecca Camp, New Lebanon 
Caldwell, Marcia, New Lebanon, m 11 Sep 1825 Lewis Patten, Scipio,NY 
Camp, Rebecca, New Lebanon, m 10 May 1823 Rufus Cagsba, Richmond 
Camel, Benajah m ...1814 Philinda Church, both Canaan, NY 
Campbell, Benjamin m 8 Jan 1827 Dolly Root, both Russell 

Lydia, Southwick, m 21 Nov 1823 John Green, Last Y/indsor,Ct 

Carpenter, . . . .dau.Benj. ,Stph,m 23 Aug 1826 Bishop, Hancock 

Polly, Stph, m 2 Jan 1316 James H. Townsend, Hancock 
Smith, m 24 Jan 1820 Jane Hicks, both Nassau, NY 
Stephen m 30 Oct 1824 Laura h/escott, both Cheshire 
Carr, Anthony, ... .NY, m 14? Apr 1817 Emeline Rice, Lebanon, NY 

Uilliam 3. m 9 Sep 1830 Mary Ann Rowley, both Hew Lebanon 
Carrier, Elizabeth Caroline, Kawley, m 14 Nov 1839 Hm.M.Hayden,NAdams 
Carrington, Charles m 11 Jul 1325 Almira Sizer, both Chester 
Carter, Berry m 8 Mar 1797 Lydia Hackley 

Case, Eli, Canton, Ct m 1 Jun 1825 Lydia Moses, Barkhansted,Ct 
Catlin, Betsey m 4 Jul 1822 John Pierce Jr, both Stockbridge 
Chamberlain, Albert 3, Dalton m 23 Sep 1834 Martha A. Mitchell, V/indsor 
Rhoda, Dalton, n 20 Oct 1819 Christopher PL Smith, Geneseo,NY 
',/illiam m 25 Dec 1815 Fanny Lindsay, both Richmond 
Chandler, Levi m 5 May 1821 Fanny Bartlett, both Pittsfield 

Hi Hi am m 13 Jul 1830 Diantha Dow, both Pittsfield /Eaton, NY 
Chappel, Mrs. Elizabeth, Lanesboro m 17 Oct 1832 John M.Rockwell 
Chapin, Austin m 23 Apr 1817 Betsey Lyman, both Hinsdale 
Benjamin m 9 Oct 1830 Mrs. Ann T. Chapin, both V/eston 
Celio m 18 Nov 1818 Roswell Moodworth, both Canaan, NY 
Daniel m 16 Jun 1798 Phebe Jones 

Experience, Ptfd, m 2 Feb 1829 Nathan Burdick, Schenectady , NY 
Chapman, Belfry, Providence, RI m 3 Dec 1829 John Cole, Harwick,RI 
Polly m 25 Feb 1819 Hiram H.Brown, both Stephehtown,NY 
Ziuporah m 14 Nov 1819 Samuel Cornwall, both Cheshire 
Chase, John C. ,Boonvillo,HY m 6 Jan 1G26 Achsah Tyrrell, Lanesboro 
Childs, Job, Lee m 15 Apr 1330 Isabel Johnson, Backet 
Chilson, Susan m 13 Apr 1823 Edward Y/ithington, both V/indsor 
Church, Philinda m . .. 1814 Benajah Camel, both Canaan, NY 

Susannah m 9 Sup 1319 Daniel Root Jr, both Middlefield 
Churchill, Charles m 2 Dec 1844 Maryann Bowman, both Mow Lebanon 
Giles, Middlefield, n 31 Jan 1816 Abigail Haskins, Beckct 
Lucena Ann m 10 Sep 1834 Charles V/.Hull, both Lebanon, NY 
Rhode C.,H Lob, m 11 Aug 1G29 Rev. Edwards A.Beach,Stcphentown,NY 
Silas Jr m 27 Oct 13P5 Clarissa Avery, both Hew Lebanon 
Clapp, James, Easthampton,ni 19 Oct 1325 Theodosia Ring, Chester 
Dorcas, Chester, m 19 Oct 1825 Simeon ?. Clark, Sasthampt on 

Clark, m 14 May 1816 Abigail , both Pittsfield 

Adeline m 22 Oct 1827 Benjamin T.Coleman, both Pittsfield 
Amasa, Ptfd, late Eawlcy.m 9 Apr 1818 Sophia Sikes, Washington 
Clarissa m 30 Dec 1821 Luther Halker, both [lost Stockbridge 
Delia :a 23 Sep 1813 Charles Kellogg, both Now Lebanon 
Electa, Pittsfield m 6 Mar 1815 John Stacy, Hilbraham 
Electa m 7 Apr 1824 Alfred B. Vilson, both Pittsfield 
Flavy L. .Richmond, m 1 Jul 1827 Chester Curtiss, Canaan, NY 
Ichabod m 9 Nov 1320 Molinda Clark, both Pittsfield 
Laura m 23 Aug 1816 P.etor Bennet 


Clark, Lucy, Pittsfiold, m 7 Nov 1799 Ezra Rogers 
Melinda m 9 Nov 1820 Ichabod Clark, both Pittsfiold 
Nancy m 2 Nov 1821 Thomas Babb, both Otis 
Roby, Nov/ Lebanon, m 21 May 1829 Wm.F.Truev/orthy , Troy, NY 
Sarah Ann m 18 Doc 1827 Roger H. Millar, both Lee 
Simeon P. ,Easthampton, m 19 Oct 1825 Dorcas Clapp, Chester 
Coa, Hannah m 25 Apr 1814 Charles Frost, both Lenox 

Cole, ..... m 11 Jan 1798 Mr Curtiss, both Stockbridgo 

John, Warwick, RI xa 3 Dec 1829 Belfry Chapman, Providence, RI 
Coleman, Benjamin T. m 22 Oct 1827 Adeline Clark, both Pittsfiold 

Seth, Amherst, m 6 Mar 1799 Betsey Doano, Ashfield 
Collins, Charles S. m 24 Mar 1821 Diadema Wilcox, Stockbridgo 
Comstock, Sarah m 12 Apr 1825 William H* Wilcox, both Stockbridgo 
Congdon, James m 8 Dec 1319 Abigail Haydon, both Pittsfiold 
Converse, Erasmus D. m 12 Dec 1825 Harriet Monroe, both Windsor 
Cook, Ashbel, Richmond, m 21 Jul 1332 Sally Maria Loomis,Egremont 
Charles m 25 Nov 1822 Aurilla Warriner, both Albany, NY 
David William, Nhmp, m 5 May 1840 Sarah L. More, Chester 
James B. m 14 Apr 1824 Eliza Winston, both Richmond 
Jeremiah, Hadlcy, m 51 Aug 1831 Harriet Butterficld, Belchertown 
Nathaniel m 12 Jan 1814 Sally Dunbar, both Lenox 
Rebecca m 12 Mar 1820 Jabez Babcock, both New Lebanon 
Corey, Elsa m 13 May 1822 Rodman Hazard, both Hancock 
Cornwall, George m 11 Nov 1822 Sally Bctts, both New Lebanon 
Cornwall, Gilbert m 18 Dec 1822 Abby Rich, both Nov/ Lebanon 
Sally m 29 Sep 1802 Dr. Isaac Everst 
Samuel m 14 Nov 1319 Zipporah Chapman, both Cheshire 
Cotton, Sally m 17 Dec 1816 Jared Murray, both Lenox 
Couch, Betsey m 20 Sep 1815 John Ing^rsoll, both Lee 
Courtney, Mary m 14 Oct 1847 John Burritt (colored) both Nov/ Lebanon 
Crittendon, Mary M. , Pittsfiold, m 24 Sep 1851 Guy R. Lester, Richmond 

Crocker, Jonathan D. .Cambridge, NY m 30 Apr 1835 ?Slater ,Northb'go 

Laura m 15 Jul 1827 Sliphalet Bristol, both Canaan, NY 
Matilda, Hancock, m 2 Jun 1846 James Irving, Lanesboro 
Crosier, David, Searsburg, Vt m 27 Jun 1833 Emily Derby, Lanesboro 
Culver, Lucy m 15 May 1814 Justus P. Wheeler, both Lanesboro 
Cummins, Mr.... m 15 Dec 1799 Miss P. West 
Curtiss, Mr... m 11 Jan 1798 Miss... Cole, both Stockbridgo 
Mr... m 15 Feb 1315 Harriot l/hitncy, both Stockbridgo 
Amon m 10 Nov 1824 Sally Fuller, both Lanesboro 
Chester, Canaan, NY m 1 Jul 1827 Flavy L.Clark, Richmond 
Di .dema m 10 Nov 1824 John Oliver, both Dalton 
Dolly m 19 Aug 1819 Erastus Taylor, both Williamsburg 
Maria, Worthington,m 10 Jun 1824 Jonathan Lap ham, Chagrinc,0. 
Phebe m 25 Dec 1824 Frederick Trendley, both Dalton 

Daily, Polly m 9 Aug 1799 William Abbot, both New Lebanon 
Daniels, Betsey m 11 Mar 1818 Nathan Gilbert, both Pittsfiold 
Miranda m 8 Apr 1827 Jonathan K.Ball, both Pittsfiold 
Zatha m 23 Aug 1795 Polly Wocdbridge 
Dantey, James, Adams, m 5 Jul 1818 Urania Sterns, Clarksburg 
Davany, Patrick m 29 Mar 1844 Amanda Fuller, both Pittsfiold 
Davis, Charles H. m 20 Dec 1820 Olive Stephens, both Stockbridgo 
John, Pittsfiold, m 2 Dec 1844 Emalino Bowman, Nov; Lebanon 
Kenneth m 16 Sop 1820 Sophronia Elmore, both Nov/ Lebanon 
Sylvia m 8 Sop 1316 Martin Gaylord, both New Lebanon 
Davison, Rhode, Otis, m 26 Apr 1814 William Henry 2d, Blanford 


Dean, Benjah in 30 Mar 1800 widow Anna Eacklcy 

Harvey, m 30 Jul 1805 Photo Kellogg 

Paulino n 30 Jul 1805 Anos Kellogg 

William n 17 Mar 1801 Stephens 

Decker, Harriet M. , Norfolk, Ct m 19 Oct 1847 George Simons, Coleb'kCt 
[ Dograw, Mosos m 21 Dec 1824 Catharine Monroe , both New Lebanon 
Doming, Mr.... m 30 Sep 1705 Alias. .. .Rural, both Stockbridgo 

..... m 5 Jan 1797 Alma Matt,, a on 

Mies. . . . , N Lob, m 12 May 1818 , Stockbridgo 

Derby, Emily, Lanesboro, m 27 Jun 1833 David Crosier, Soarsburg, Vt 

Martha, Pittsfield, m 17 Sep 1C29 Philip P.Porter, Ashfield 
Dcsmon, Nancy, Stph, n Janes H.Dodge, Windham, Ct. 2 May 1844 
Dibblo, Rumina, 'gash'ington, m 18 Jul 1814 Sylvester Arnold, Lenox 
Dickenson, Linus m ?13 Sep 1824 Juliaette Palmer, both Russell 
Dickerman, Jairus m 11 Mar 1819 Phebe E. Boynton, both '.Vest Stockbr. 
Dillon, David m 14 Apr 1850 Clarissa Warner, both Now Lebanon 

dau. of Sara and Parna 
Doano, Betsey, Ashfield, m 6 Mar 1799 Seth Coleman, Amherst 
Dodge, Clarissa, J^tfd, m 10 Jul 1817 James S. Sellen, Lenox 

James K. , Windham, Ct m 2 May 1844 Nancy Desmon, Stephentown,NY 

Willi am P. m. . Oct 1797 Miss ... Pcabody 
Doolittle, Julia m ?Sep 1836 John Bason( ox-Shaker) , New Le anon 
Doubleday, Acizni m 5 Peb 1314 Susan Pierce, both New Lebanon 

Wealthy m 17 Jul 1805 Rev. John Waters 

Peggy n ? Jan 1797 Mr... Series 
Lydia r.i ? Sep 1798 Lemuel Hand 
Douglas, Asa W. ,Stph, m 5 Jul 1817 Mary Southworth, Hancock 

Dr.Beriah, Albany, NY m 28 Aug 1823 Soehia Willott, Stcphentown.NY 

Miriam?,dau.\7m. , Stph, m 15 Jun 1819 

William, Stph, m 28 Peb 1797 Miss Hunter 

Dow, ...... m 19 Jan 1797 Miss Eently 

Diantha n 15 Jul 1830 William Chandler, both Pittsfield 

Samuel W. m 5 Feb 1825 Lucy Pettibono, both Lanesboro 

Drowry, , Lebanon, m 27 Dec 1795 Miss.... Law, New Lebanon 

Dudley, George m 16 Oct 1827 Caroline Malison, both Richmond 

Loring, Richmond m 20 Jan 1818 Grace Noyos, Hancock 
Dunavcn, Mary E. , Pittsfield, ri 23 Oct 1851 John L. Lester , Richmond 

Sarah m 3 Jun 1824 Samuel Williams, both Pittsfield 
Dunbar, Sally m 12 Jan 1814 Nathaniel Cook, both Lenox 

William m S Nov 1615 Charlotte Merwin, both Lenox 
Duncan, Naomi m 4 Sep 1814 Eli Pike, both Pittsfield 
Duning, Oliver m 4 Sov 1332 Pamela Gunn( colored) both New Lebanon 
Dunning, William S. , Malta, NY m 24 Apr 1834 Harriet L.Beals, Windsor 
Durant, Sally, Middlef iold, m 23 Jul 1823 William Newt on, Alb any, NY 
Dutton, Rev. Nathaniel, Champion, NY m 3 Oct 1830 Eliza Bostwick,N Lob 
Dyer, , Otis m 9 Nov 1300 , Blanford 

Edmunds, Andrew m 4 Jan 1821 Mercy Harris, both Hancock 

Edwards, Eunice m ?Mar 1799 I. Seward 

Eggleston, Augustus E. m 12 Oct 1836 Mary Hcydon, both New Lebanon 

Elizabeth, Lenox, m 27 Apr 1815 Moses Byxbec Jr,Doawaro, 0. 
Elder, Almon, Ptfd, m 12 Nov 1822 Eliza Payne, Richmond 

Arvilla m 12 Nov 1822 Joshua R. Hays, both Russell 
Eldridgo, Cecelia m 29 Apr 1823 Dr. Charles P. luce, both Pittsfield 
Ellsworth, Lewis, Troy, NY m 1 Dec 1826 Clo-~ Skinner, New Lebanon 
Elmore, Sophronia m 16 Sep 1320 Kenneth Davis, both Nov/ Lebanon 
Ely, Lydia M. m 5 Jul 1821 John M. Gardner, both Hancock 


Ensign, Elijah m 3 Feb 1814 Sarah Richmond, both Pittsfield 
Ervin, Aramanda m 4 May 1837 Benjamin Stow (Ex-Shakers) both N Lob 
Everest, Frederick W. m 9 Apr 1332 Lucy Hall, both New Lebanon 

Dr. Isaac ra 29 Sep 1302 Sally Cornwall 
Ewel ifcria, Chesterfield, m 23 Feb 1S2G Thomas Parson, Khmp 

Fair, Joseph m 6 Jun 1819 Lydia Sennet, both Stephentown,NY 
Fnirfielc, Mary, Ptfd, n 5 Oct 1816 Ebenezer M. Bason, Lanesboro 
Farr, Benjamin, Cummington, n 11 Kay 1824 Lydia Beach, New Lebanon 
Farrar, Mary, Becket, m 2 May 1316 John Minton, Pittsburg, Pa. 
Fellows, i'/illiam m 21 Aug 1824 Catharine Vanhoesen, both ClaverackNY 
Ferguson, m 1814 Hannah Abbe., both Peru 
Ferry, Patience n 3 Dec 1818 Richard ! ,7illiams, both Lenox 
Field, Roberi R. , Hartford , Ct m 6 May 1834 Eliza O.Barnard, Greenfield 

Theodore ri 22 Jan 1314 Deborah Toby, loth Hawley 
Finch, Noah, Stph m 10 Dec 1818 Clarissa Blanchard, Pittsfield" 
Fish, Gen. Franc is, Che shire, m 17 Mar 1823 Olivia Phipps, Thomson, Ct 

Fitch, el 25 Jan 1793 Mr Metcalf, New Lebanon 

Fleming, Azuba, New Lebanon n 14 Feb 1818 V/illiam Jones'?, Cambridge 

Pollock, Christian n 9 Jan 1799 Peter Bulleys 

Fox, Charles m 20 Jan 1814 Eunice Brown, N Leb 

Franchild, Lannira m 4 May 1826 Arnold ?ettit,both Austerlitz,NY 

Francis, Dr. Miles C. , Bristol, Ct m 26 Oct 1815 Lydia L. Bishop, Stbr 

Darius m . . 1317 Syntha Stow, both Pittsfield 
French, Alphcus n 7 Nov 1800 Nancy Newell, both Lanesboro 

Sophia, Nhap i:i 3 Feb 1825 Stiles Cady, Pittsfield /chestcr,Cl 
Frisbie, Harriet, Lebanon, m 20 Jan 1819 Tolton ( Tolls? ) , Win- 
Frost, Charles n 25 Apr 1814 Hannah Coe, both Lenox 

Fuller, m ?May 1799 Miss ... Squire, Canaan, NY 

Aaron m 14 Sep 1815 Miriam Hungerford, both Pittsfield 
Adolphus, Peru, m 10 Nov 1324 Anna Fuller, Lanesboro 
Amanda r.i 29 Mar 1844 Patrick Davany, both Pittsfield 
Anna, Lanesboro, m 10 Nov 1324 Adolphus Fuller, Peru 
Sally i.i 10 Nov 1824 Anon Curtiss, both Lanesboro 

Ganale, . . . . , Monroe's V/orks,m 19 Oct 1317 Mary Parmalo, Lebanon, NY 
Gardiner, Eduund m 17 Mar 1325 Harriet Felds( colored) , both Ptfd 
John M. - 5 Jul 1321 Lydia M.Sly, both Hancock 
Lucretia m 20 Oct 1325 Benjamin T.Gunn, both Lanesboro 
Nicholas m 20 Aug 1829 Dorcas Hartsdell, both Hancock- 
Sophia m 23 Nov 1825 Jacob Bazzel, both Lee 
Thomas m 30 Dec 1819 Maria Grant (colored) both Pittsfield 
Garfield, Salome, m 12 Feb 1817 Eber Slater, both Tyringham 
Gassett, Caroline, Nassau, NY m 4 Jul 1837 I to. Merritt, Kindcrhook,NY 

Gates, Elias m 10 Dec 1818 Vandeusen, New Lebanon 

Hala m .... 1796 Charles Hubbard 
Mary m 27 Jun 1816 Uarren Rich, both Nov/ Lebanon 
Gaty, V/illard m 7 Doc 1815 Electa Gifford, both Pittsfield 
Gay, Abncr m 9 Sep 1830 Rachel Rowley, both Now Lebanon 
Harry n 9 Dec 1824 Lucy Richardson, both New Lebanon 
Mary n 18 Feb 1818 Stephen Pcabody, both New Lebanon 
Wealthy r.i 3 Nov 1816 Gad Hitchcock, New Lebanon 
Gaylord, Martin m 8 Sep 1816 Sylvia Davis, both New Lebanon /villc 
Gibbs, Israel M. ,Blanford, r.i 11 Apr 1839 Mrs.Cleotha U.Hardin, Gran - 
Gifford, Electa m 7 Dec 1815 V/illard Gaty, both Pittsfield 


Gilbert, e ? Nov 1800 Miss Baldwin 

David P. r.i 28 Aug 1832 Maria Spencer, both New Lebanon 
John M. n 27 Nov 1822 Amanda Botts 

Nathan m 11 Mar 1818 Betsey Daniels, both Pittsficld 
Nelson n 7 Oct 1826 Julianna Pierce, both Nov/ Lebanon 
Sylvester m 3 Oct 1826 Polly Pool, both New Lebanon 
Gillet, Nancy n 6 May 1817 Israel Pease, both Middlefield 
Gloyd, Elijah Jr,?lainf ield, m 1 Jan? 1826 Jerusha Hannun, Ehnp 

Gold, n 22 Nov 1815 Clarissa Knapp , both Richmond 

Goodno, - Rcv.Y/n. , 4 Jan 1834 Sophronia Rockwell, both Lanesboro 
Goodrich, Chaunccy m 1 Dec 1819 Emily May, both Pittsficld 
Hulda, Pittsficld, m Feb 1835 Alonzo P.Smith, Berlin, Ct 
Ozena r.i 6 Nov 1816 Eliada Parker, both Lenox 
Goodwin, Aaron n 26 Feb 1818 Lovisa Mitchell, both Blanford 
Gordon, Phebe m 25 Sep 1826 Eola Lewis, both Richmond 
Goss, John, Lenox, n 25 Sep 1316 Rachel Reynolds, Lee 
Gould, Noah n 28 Jun 1824 Julia Ann Stewart (ex-Shakers) 
Granger, John, Vorthington, n 6 Aug 1823 Maria L'ing, Dalton 
Grant, Maria (colored) n 30 Dec 1819 Thomas Gardener, both Pitt sf ield 
Renselaer m 27 Mar 1830 Maria Bonnet (colored), both Pittsficld 

Gray, widow m 16 Jul 1814 Tracy, both Canaan, NY 

Graves, Leonard, Stockbridge, m 2 Sep 1815 Nancy 

Dr m 19 Aug 1818 Piatt, 3tephontown,NY 

Green, Charlotte m 10 Aug 1816 Jesse August, both Stockbridge 

G m 2 Feb 1826 Luana Brown, both 3tephentown,NY 

John, Boonville,NY, m 20 Oct 1814 Rising, Southwick 

John, East './indsor ,Ct . m 21 Nov 1823 Lydia Campbell, Southwick 
Phebe, Pittsficld, n 13 Mar 1820 George Anderson, Lynn 

Grippin, m Nov 1797 Rachel Stephens 

Groat, Sally m 26 Dec 1829 Cornelius N.Teal, both Chatham, NY 
Guile, Catherine, Stph, n 30 Aug 1830 John Sitterlee, New Lebanon 
Gunn, Benjamin T. m 20 Oct 1825 Lucrotia Gardner, both Lanesboro 
Hezekiah m 6 Oct 1800 Hittle? Miller 

Pamela m 4 Sep 1852 Oliver Doming ( colored) both New Lebanon 
Gurl^y, Harrison, Hartford, Ct n 10 Sep 1846 Isabella M.Hamilton, 

Canaan, NY 
Hacklcy, widow Anna m 30 Mar 1300 Ben j ah Dean 

Lydia m 8 Mar 1797 Berry Carter 
Hakes, George A. , Hancock, n 2 Feb 1824 Mary Burlingame, Cheshire 
Hale, Ruth m 1 Jan 1822 John N.Meed, both Pittsficld 
Hall, Andrew m 23 Jun 1814 Mary Sharp (colored), both Lenox 
Harriet n 28 May 1818 George N.Briggs, both Lanesboro 
Maj.Jabez n 28 May 1818 Betsey Talcott, both Lanesboro 
Lucy m 8 Apr 1832 Frederick '..'.Everest, both New Lebanon 
Liman m 1 Oct 1817 Mary May (colored) 
Halsey, Henry m 19 Apr 1319 Julia Lyndsey, both Richmond 
Hamilton, Isabella M. , Canaan, NY m 10 Sep 1846 Harrison Gurley, 

Hartford, Ct 
Harmon, Martha m Sep 1796 Sbenczer Morris, Torrington,Ct 

P m 26 Dec 1799 Isaac Sackett 

Hammond, Angclinc m 1 Oct 1828 Seth V/eller, both Pittsficld 

Hand,...., NcwBritain,Ct m 24 May 1798 Miss Hate 

Lemuel m Sep 1798 Lydia Doubleday 

Dr. Stephen D. ,Luemans? m 8 Apr 1832 Slmira Hayward, New Lebanon 
Hannun, Jerusha, Ehr.ip, m 1 Jan? 1826 Elijah Gloyd, Plainfield 
Hardin, Mrs. Cleotha U. , Granville, m 11 Apr 1839 Israel M.Gibbs, 

Harger, Cloe m 17 Doc 1828 Daniel Harris, both Chatham, NY 


Harnon, Marvin m 8 May 1834 Lavinia Jonks, both ',,'cst Stockbridge 
Harrington, Asa r.i 6 Apr 1796 , Now Lebanon 

Sophronia m 20 Jan 1825 Hyram Phillips, both Now Lebanon 
Harris, Admiral, Ptfd, n 16 Fob 1824 Rachel Kibbo, Now Lebanon 

Daniel m 17 Dec 1828 Cloe Hargor, both Chatham, NY 

Mcrcoy m 4 Jan 1821 Andrew Edmunds, both Hancock 
Hart, Snily, Berlin, Ct. m 21 Sep 1823 Srastus Parker, Lenox 
Hartsdell, Dorcas n 20? Aug 1829 Nicholas Gardiner, both Hancock 
Hartwcll, Corydon T ;. , Cummington, n 17 Sep 1335 Olive S.Bailey , Ptfd 
Haskins, Abigail, Bucket, m 31 Jan 1816 Giles Churchill, Middlcfield 
Hatch, Cybil m 3 Aug 1795 Ezra Peabody 

Walter 3., Shrewsbury, Vt. m 1 Mar 1826 Mary Boidon, Chester 

Hate, n 24 May 1798 Hand, N.Britain, Ct 

Hathaway, Peris, Farmington,NY m 6 Mar 1827 Hannah Laphan, Adams 
Hawk, Maria r.i 24 Oct 1816 Nathan Bassett Jr. 

Hawkins, Oseo, Doorfield,NY m 9 Mar 1826 Mary S.Pomroy, Pittsfield 
Hayden, Abigail n 8 Dec 1819 James Congdon, both Pittsfield 

Gardiner m 8 Aug 1820 Emily Babcock 

Lucretia, Blanford, m 19 Jun 1821 Horatio . Mm. Stephens , Becket 

V/illiam M. , No Adams, m 14 Nov 1839 Elizabeth Caroline Carrier, 

Hays, Joshua R. m 12 Nov 1823 Arvilla Eld^r, both Russell 
Hayward, Slmira, N Leb, m 8 Apr 1832 Dr. Stephen D.Hand, Lueman's? 
Hazard, Rodman m 13 May 1822 Else Corey, both Hancock 
Pledger, Mary, Richmond, m 6 Jul 183S Hiram Barber, Freedom, 0. 
Hemlcsy, Thomas m 1 Apr 1325 Ann Moodruff , both Chatham, NY 
Henry, Mm. 2d, Blanford, m 26 Apr 1814 Rhoda Davison, Otis 
Hermon, Ahimaaz, Lenox, m 25 May 1825 Sophia Spencer, Richmond 
Horrick, Cyrus m 19 Oct 1825 Lucina Parsons, both Sandisfield 

Oliv,, m 11 Dec 1329 Joseph Andrews, both Now Lebanon 
Herring, Hannah, Ptfd, m 6 Mar 1817 David Barrit, V/ashington 
tMydon, Mary m 12 Oct 1336 Augustus E.Eggloston, both New Lebanon 
Hicks, Hannah, Nassau, NY m 17 Nov 1822 Ransom Page, Chatham, NY 

Jane m 24 Jan 1820 Smith Carpenter, both Nassau, NY 

Polly :. 9 Oct 1825 Robert Machell, both Nassau, NY 
Hicock, Desire m 21 Jun 1818 l/m. P. Williams, both Pittsfield 

Eliza m 28 Aug 1330 Thomas Bailey, both Pittsfield 

Mary Ann m 22 Apr 1827 Um.A.Royse, both Pittsfield 

Nathan B. m 16 Aug 1829 Phebe M.Mattison, both Pittsfield 

Susan m 24 May 1827 Sanford Marble, both Pittsfield 
Higgins, Ambrose j. m 13 Oct 1827 Harriot Niles, both Hillsdale, NY 

Higley, , Partridgefield m 1 Nov 1798 Mrs 

Hill, Betsey m 23 Oct 1313 Caleb Bailey, both Lenox 
Hinkley, Benjamin L. m 4 Feb 1826 Susan Marble, both Barkhamsted,Ct 
Hinr.ian, Lyman m 16 Aug 1519 Aurelia Lewis, both -/est Stockbridge 
Hitchcock, Elvira m IS Oct 1837 Harvey Peabody, both New Lebanon 

Gad m 3 Nov 1816 Wealthy Gay, both Now Lebanon 

'..'ashington m 5 Jan 1833 Mary Adams, both New Lebanon 
Holcomb, George m 15 Apr 1819 Lucinda Wiley, both 3tophontown,NY 

, Stph,m 13 Mar 1323 Julia Johnson, Nov/ Lebanon 

William, Stph,m 23 Dec 1317 Juliette Barnyart, Canaan, NY 
Hocumb, ."manias, Hudson, NY m 21 Jan 1845 Mrs. Elizabeth Stone, CanaanNY 
Plolden, Jonas m 12 Oct 1842 Thera S. King, both Kawloy 
Hollister, John Esq.. ,Perrysburg,0. m 20 Aug 1827 Mary Ann Brown, Ptfd 
KoLies, Sarah m 9 Nov 1814 Joel Sloan, both Pittsfield 

John H. , Leicester, m 16 May 1826 Rhoda L. Bonnet, Stephentown,NY 
Hortor , :?. ? 'in Fall, ; 1796 


Hotchkiss, William, Bristol, Ct. -mil Sep ~lS&3~Orpfea~ Wright., 
Howe, James m 21 Aug 1819 Sarah Rich, both New Lebanon 

m ?Aug 1798 Mrs Peabody 

Howard, Mrs. Lavinia, Stockbridge , m 14 Dec 1815 Royal Hurlbut, Lee 
Hubbard, Alma, Lenox, m 23 Feb 1818 David Seymour, Lisle, NY 

Charles m 1796 Hala Gates 

Edmund m 7 Nov 1828 Sally Goodsell Miner, both Windsor 

Harry m 1817 Marcia Abbot 

Ira m 4 Nov 1795 Mittie Blakeley 

Jeremiah, Greenwich, m 4 Mar 1814 Selah Pratt, Greenwich 
Hubbell, Ann m 4 Nov 1823 Naaman Barnes, both Lanesboro 

Johnson m 23 Jul 1818 Betsey/ Leonard, both Lanesboro 
Hubby, Mary m 9 Oct 1825 Henry Huxber, both Pittsfield 
Hull, Ann 17., N Leb, m 6 Jan 1841 William S. Wells, Pittsfield 

Charles [J. m 10 Sep 1834 Lucena Ann Churchill, both Lebanon, NY 

Keturah m 31 Oct 1838 David Bigelow 

William P. m 3 Oct 1827 Mary K. Pratt, both New Lebanon 
Humphrey, Reuben m 23 Sep 1828 Adah Ann Butler 

Hungerford, Rockwell, Hancock, m 1 Aug 1824 Catharine Potter, Lanesbox 
Hunt, Catherine, Shmp, m 27 Sep 1815 Merchant Pelton, Nhmp 

Lucinda m 5 Sep 1821 Edmund D.Meranville, both Cheshire 
Hunter, m 28 Feb 1797 William Douglas, both New Lebanon 

, Malta, NY m 11 Oct 1819 Betsey Hunter, New Lebanon 

Hurlbut, Elijah m 19 Feb 1814 Rebecca Kinne, both Canaan, NY 

Royal, Lee, m 14 Dec 1815 Mrs.Lavinia Howard, Stockbridge 

Sally m 19 Feb 1814 Edmund Bramhall, both Canaan, NY 
Hutchinson, Mrs. Mary, Stockbridge, m 20 Jul 1814 Jeremiah Buck 
Huxber, Henry m 9 Oct 1825 Mary Hubby, both Pittsfield 

Ingersoll, John m 20 Sep 1815 Betsey Couch, both Lee 
Ingols, James, Utica,NY m 27 Dec 1820 Fanny Sage, Northampton 
Ingram, Rachel m 20 Dec 1820 Zara Wood, both Stockbridge 
Irving, James, Lanesboro m 2 Jun 1846 Matilda Crocker, Hancock 

Jackson, Polly m 11 Apr 1820 Thomas Barden, both Washington 
Janes, Worcester m 22 Jan 1823 Delia Spencer, both New Lebanon 

Delia, New Lebanon m 3 Mar 1837 , Hancock 

Jenks, Lavinia m 3 May 1834 Marvin Harmon, both '.'est Stockbridge 
Jewett, Sarian, Lanesboro, m 27 Jan 1823 Oliver Stiles, Lisle, NY 
Johnson, Andrew, Norwich, m 13 Apr 1825 Maryan Avery, Montgomery 

Isabel, Becket, m 15 Apr 1830 Job Childs, Lee 

Julia, Nev; Lebanon, m 13 Mar 1823 Kolcomb, Stephentown,NY 

Ruby m 3 Dec 1818 Phillips jaigley, both Nev/ Lebanon 

Sally m 4 Sep 1815 George '/. Timby, both Hinsdale 
Jones, Isaac Jr m 2 Feb 1815 Margaret Bradner, both Stockbridge 

Phebe m 16 Jun 1798 Daniel Chapin 

T. F. .: ?Sep 1798 Rebecca Welles 

Wealthy m ?Aug 1801 Wells 

William, Cambridge ?NY, m 14 Feb 1818 Azuba Fleming, Nev/ Lebanon 

Kane, Love A. m 6 Sep 1829 Francis L.Breyer, both So. Adams 
Keeler, Jane Ann m 21 Nov 1830 Nathan Matteson, both Pittsfield 
Kellogg, Amos m 30 Jul 1805 Pauline Dean 

Charles m 23 Sc^> 1818 Delia Clark, both Nev/ Lebanon 

Julian m 23 Mar 1814 Gershom T.Buckley, both Williamstown 

Phebe m 30 Jul 1805 Harvey Dean 
Kendal, Celina m 10 Sep 1823 Quartus Witherell, both Chesterfield 
(aet 16, niece and ward of Holland Moore) 

Olive m Frederick A. Tickner 
Kibbe, Joshua, Otis, m 15 Feb 1815 Anna Walker, Becket 


Kibbe, Joshua, Otis m 15 Feb 1815 Anna V/alker, Becket 
Rachel, W Leb, m 16 Feb 1824 Admiral Harris, Pittsfield 

King, Ann Elizabeth m 21 Aug 1832 Dr. Henry D. './right, both of N Leb 
Ann Mary m 22 Jun 1828 Jabe Pierce, both New Lebanon 
Clarinrla m 13 Jun 1823 './illiam Mallery, both Y.'estfield 
Lucy .Lin n 1 Oct 1825 Ira Rice, both New Lebanon 
Martha n 3 Jun 1824 Henry Batterson, both Most Stockbridge 

Kinne, Rebecca m 19 Feb 1814 Elijah Kurlbut, both Canaan, NY 

Knapp, Anna m 30 Jul 1805 V/illiam Reed 

Clarissa m 22 Nov 1815 Gold, both Richmond 

V/illian m 8 Jan 1816 Almira Stephens 

Knox, V.'illiam m 7 Jun 1840 Mary Maria Nye, both Blanford 

Laflin, '/ells, Southwick, ra 29 Apr 1829 Sophronia Perry, New Lebanon 

Lake, Philip m 5 Jun 1817 Rebecca './alker, both Chatham, NY 

Lane, Benjamin F. m 3 Sop 1843 Nancy Maria Tanner, both New Lebanon 

Lanphier, Amos m 7 Nov 1820 Naomi Bagg, both Lanesboro 

Lapho.m, Hannah, Adams, m& Mar 1827 Peris Hathaway, Farmington, NY 

Jonathan, Chagrine,0. m 10 Jun 1824 Maria Curtiss, '..'orthington 
Lathrop, Henry, Canaan, NY m 20 Feb 1841 Catherine Rowley, Richmond 
Law, .... m 27 Dec 1795 Mr Drewry, both New Lebanon 

m ? Sep 1797 Abel Abbot 

Lydia m 19 Feb 1797 John Badger 
Lawrence, Reuben, Deerfield, m 11 Jan 1821 Olive Mobster, Conway 
Leach, David, Smithville, Chenango Co, NY m 5 Jun 1819 DeGrass Pardee, 
Leonard, Betsey m 23 Jul 1818 Johnson Hubbell, Lanesboro Stph 
Lester, Guy R. , Richmond, m 24 Sep 1851 Mary M.Crittendon,Ptfd 

John L. , Richmond, m 23 Oct 1851 Mary S.Dunaven, Pittsfield 
Lev/is, Aurelia m 16 Aug 1819 Lyman Hinman, both '..'est Stockbridge 

Bela m 25 Sep 1825 Phoebe Gordon, both Richmond 

Peter m 3 Oct 1827 V/obstor (colored) both New Lebanon 

Lindsay, Fanny m 25 Dec 1815 'ta. Chamberlain, both Richmond 
Lyndscy, Julia m 19 Apr 1819 Henry Halsey, both Richmond 
Little, Clarissa m 1 Mar 1818 Shopard C.Norris, both Pittsfield 
Lockwood, Loandcr m 25 Aug 1819 Elizabeth Stearns, both Pittsfield 
Loomis, Polly, Richmond, m ll?Aug 1799 ',/illiam St. John 

Sally Maria, S^remont m 21 Jul 1832 Ashbel Cook, Richmond 
Luce, Constant m 27 May 1830 Elizabeth B.V/illiams, both Pittsfield 

Dr. Charles F. m 29 Apr 1823 Cecelia Sldridge, both Pittsfield 

Oliver m 20 Feb 1825 Susan Boyden, both Pittsfield 
Lusk, m ? Aug 1802 Mr 

Thomas m 8 Sep 1797 Sally Barker 
Lyall, Margaret m 22 Feb 1820 V.'illiam Ormsby, both Pittsfield 
Lyman, Betsey m 23 Apr 1817 Austin Chapin, both Hinsdale 

Machcll, Robert m 9 Oct 1825 Polly Hicks, both Nassau, NY 
Mahan, Sarah m 26 Oct 1823 Henry c. \ ft swell, both Dalton 
Malinson, Caroline m 16 Oct 1827 George Dudley, both Richmond 
Mallery, Uilliam m 13 Jun 1823 Clarinda King, both "estfield 
Maranville, Edmund D. m 5 Sep 1821 Lucinda Hunt, both Cheshire 
Marble, Sanford m 24 May 1827 Susan Hicock, both Pittsfield 

Susan m 4 Feb 1826 Benjamin L.Hinklcy, both Barkhamsted,Ct 
Marcellus, Isaac B.,Schdy, m 10 Jul 1814 Sally Cady, Canaan, NY 
Martindale, Rhoda, Lenox, m 30 Jul 1805 Solomon ','ilbur Jr, Troy, NY 

Matteson, Alma m 5 Jan 1797 Deming 

Emily, Richmond, m 2 Sep 1824 Ebenezer Burt Jr, Pittsfield 
Nathan m 21 Nov 1830 Jane Ann Kceler, both Pittsfield 
Phebe M. m 16 Aug 1829 Nathan B. Hicock, both Pittsfield 


Maynard, Fanny, Lenox(colored) m 11 Oct 1815 Richard Wills, N.Hartford 

McGan, V/illiam m 6 Oct 1796 Lydia Williams 

Meed, John N. m 1 Jan 182E Ruth Hale, both Pittsfield 

Merrick, Frances m 2 May 1820 Oner Spring, both Pittsfield 

Merritt, William, Kinderhook, m 4 Jul 1837 Caroline Gassett, NassauNY 

Merwin, Laura, Lenox m 8 Nov 1815 Timothy Mix, Westfield 

Charlotte m 8 Nov 1815 William Dunbar, both Lenox 
Metcalf, m 26 Jan 1798 Miss M. Fitch 

Lima, Chester, m 1 Feb 1837 Harran Twiss, Middlefield 
Miller, Kittle? in 6 Oct 1800 Hezekiah Gun 

James S. , Chatham, NY m 8 Jun 1825 Lydia Palmer, Nassau, NY 

Maryan m 25 Sep 1814 Moses Burr 

Roger H. m 18 Dec 1827 Sarah Ann Clark, both Lee 

Stephen m 11 Jul 1829 Almira Ann Miller, both Kinderhook, NY 
Miner, Sally Goodsell m 7 Nov 1828 Edmund Hubbard, both Windsor 

William, Pittsfield, m 30 Oct 1822 Maria Webb, Albany, NY 
Mitchell, Lovisa m 26 Feb 1818 ^aron Goodwin, both Blanford 

Martha A. .Windsor, m 23 Sep 1834 .ALbert S. Chamberlain, Dalton 

Thomas, Pittsfield, m 28 Aug 1816 Pamela Hall, New Lebanon 

William m 12 Mar 1823 Levina Spencer, both Blanford 
Mix, Timothy, Westfield, m 8 Nov 1815 Laura Merwin, Lenox 
Monroe, Catharine m 21 Dec 1324 Moses Degraw, both New Lebanon 

Harriet m 12 Dec 1825 Erasmus D.Converse, both Windsor 
More, Sarah L. , Chester, m 5 May 1840 David William Cook, Nhmp 
Morehouse, Edward m 5 1818 Maria Smith, both Pittsfield 
Morell, Horace F. , Lenox, m 25 Feb 1819 Mary A. Pierce, Stockbridge 
Morris, Ebenezer, Torrington,Ct . m Sep 1796 Martha Hammon 
Moses, Lydia, Barkhamsted,Ct m 1 Jun 1825 Eli Case, Canton, Ct. 
Mosier, Barnabas m 15 Oct 1818 Annan Bennett, both New Lebanon 
Mowry, Nathaniel, Adans, m 9 Jan 1822 Clarissa Peet, Stockbridge 
Morey, Shubael, Lenox, m 22 May 1825 Sarah Peet, Stockbridge 
Mullen, Jacob M. m 4 Jan 1821 Lucy August, both of Pittsfield (colored 
Murphy, James m 31 Jul 1S37 Margaret Brady, both N.Y.City 
Murray, Jared m 17 Dec 1316 Sally Cotton, both Lenox 

Newel, Benijah m 16 Oct i r7 95 Rachel Rosin 

Nancy m 7 Nov .1800 Alcheus French, both Lanesboro 
Newton, V/illiam, Albany ".NY m 23 Jul' 13tf2 Sully Durant, Middlefield 
Nichols, 3., Sullivan, NY m 12 Oct 1320 Rebecca Andrews, Stockbridge 
Niles, Harriot m 13 Oct, 1327 Ambrose S-Higgins, Hillsdale, NY 
Niver, John M. r.i 10 May 1323 Hannah Barton, both Kinderhook, NY 
Noble, David Addision, Esq.. .Michigan m 19 Jul 1832 Sarah Ann Shaw, 

Clarissa m 5 Jul 1841 James Webb, both Otis \Lanesboro 
Norris, Shepard C. m 1 Mar 1818 Clarissa Little, both Pittsfield 

Northrup, m 19 May 1820 Miss , Sheffield 

Norton, m 4 Mar 1790 .uidrus 

Emeline C. m 13 Jul 1825 Samuel White, both Pittsfield 

Nancy m 25 Jun 1823 John D. Smith, both Pittsfield 
Noyes, Grance, Hancock, m 20 Jan 1818 Loring Dudley, Richmond 
Nutting, Angenett R. m 25 Jan 1844 David Scott, both Northampton 
Nye, Mary Maria m 7 Jun 1840 V/illiam Know, both Blanford 

Oliver, John r. 10 Nov 1824 Diadema Curtiss, both Dalton 
Ormsby, William m 22 Feb 1820 Margaret Lyall, both Pittsfield 


Pachin, Betsey ra 2 Mar 1817 Horace Spencer, both New Lebanon 
Page, Ransom, Chatham, NY m 17 Nov 1822 Hannah Hicks, Nassau, NY 
Paige, Moses m 14 Jul 1837 Mrs. Cordelia Paige, both Troy, NY 
Palmer, Juliaette m 12? Sep 1824 Linus Dickenson, both Russell 

Lydia, Nassau, NY m 8 Jun 1825 James S.Miller, Chatham, NY 
Pardee, DeGrass, Stph, m 5 Jun 1819 David Leach, Smithville.ChenangoC' 
Parker, Eliada m 6 Nov 1816 Ozema Goodrich, both Lenox 

Erastus, Lenox, m 21 Sep 1823 Emily Hart, Berlin, Ct. 

George, Lanesboro, m 17 Feb 1833 Emily Acock, Hancock 

Titus m 18 May 1814 Betsey Sackett, both Pittsfield 
Parkis, Judith, Hinsdale, m 25 Feb 1823 William Sheldon, Denmark, NY 

Parmele, Mary, Lebanon, m 19 Oct 1817 Gamale, Monroe' sl/orks 

Parsons, Lucina m 19 Oct 1825 Cyrus Herrick, both Sandisfield 

Thomas, Nhmp, m 28 Feb 1826 Maria Ewel, Chesterfield 
Partridge, Oliver, Ptfd, m 24 Feb 1821 Louisa Buck, Lanesboro 
Patten, Lewis, late of Scipio,NY m 11 Sep 1825 Marcia Caldwell, N Leb 
Patterson, Eunice Ann, N Leb, m 12 Dec 1833 Resolved Wood, SoAdams 

James m 15 Nov 1821 Polly Renne, bpth Dalton 

Levi, Mt. Y'ashington, m 12 Nov 1826 Mrs. Laura Wittlesey, Lenox 

Mathew A. m 1 Mar 1836 Harriet Barker, both New Lebanon 

Sally m 30 Apr 1826 William Sage, both New Lebanon 
Paul, Sally, New Canaan, NY m 7 Oct 1816 Joseph Bash, Lebanon 
Payne, Eliza, Richmond, ra 12 Nov 1822 Almon Elder, Pittsfield 

Stephen, Peru, m 25 Jun 1815 Betsey Broad, Hancock 

Stephen m 15 Oct 1816 Ruth Smith, both Hinsdale 
Peabody, Benjamin m ?Jun. . . . Delia Bostwick 

Ezra m 3 Aug 1795 Cybil Hatch 

Harvey m 18 Oct 1837 Elvira Hitchcock, both New Lebanon 

Lyman m 13 Jul 1814 Nancy Root, both Pittsfield 

Stephen m 18 Feb 1818 Mary Gay, both New Lebanon 

m ?0ct 1797 William P.Dodge 

Mrs m ?^ug 1798 Howe 

Pease, Israel m 6 May 1817 Nancy Gillet, both Middlefield 

Mary m 22 May 1821 Franklin Arthur, both Westfield 

Susanna m 31 Jan 1797 Cady 

William R. m 25 Oct 1818 Susan Baker, both Canaan, NY 
Peck, Bethuel, Glens Falls, NY m 5 Jun 1821 Jerusha Winston, Richmond 
Peet, Clarissa, Stockbridge, m 9 Jan 1822 Nathaniel Mowry, Adams 

Sarah, Stockbridge, ra 22 May 1825 Shubael Morey, Lenox 
Pelton, Merchant, Nhmp, m 27 Sep 1815 Catharine Hunt, Shmp 

Dr. William, Ithaca, NY m 13 Sep 1837 Mary S.Tilden, New Lebanon 

Pendleton, S.C. m 5 May 1816 , both Hancock 

Perkins, Albert m 7 Oct 1827 Hannah Andrus, both Stephentown,NY 
Perry, Loisa m 2 Dec 1830 Hall W.Baxter, both Hancock 

Sophronia, N Leb, m 29 Apr 1829 './ells Laflin, Southwick 
Peters, Almira, Lee, m 28 Feb 1821 Michael Wadkins, Lenox 
Pettit, Arnold m 4 May 1826 Lannira Franchild, both ^usterlitz,NY 
Phelps, Caroline, Lanesboro, m 23 Aug 1819 Lt.Ephraim K.Barnum, 

Juliana m 25 Aug 1823 George Rockwell, Lanesboro \TJ_. S.Army 

Jane A. m 19 Feb 1826 ;ALvah Wm. Andres, both Troy, NY 

Rachel Stearns, Lanesboro, m 16 Oct 1826 Joel Stephens, Pawlet,Vt. 
Phillips, Dr. Henry P.m 19 Jan 1830 Cecelia H.Tyler, both Lanesboro 

Hyram m 20 Jan 1825 Sophronia Harrington, New Lebanon 
Phipps, Olivia, Thomson, Ct m 17 Mar 1823 Gen. Francis Fish, Cheshire 
Pierce, Jabe m 22 Jun 1828 Ann Mary King, both New Lebanon 

Joel, Hinsdale, m 28 Sep 1829 Almira ,,'ard, Middlefield 

John Jr. m 4 Jul 1822 Betsey Catlin, both Stockbridge 

Julianna m 7 Oct 1826 Nelson Gilbert, both New Lebanon 


Pierce, Maria m 15 Apr 1819 Robert M.Bailey, both New Lebanon 
Mary A. , Stockbridge, m 25 Feb 1819 Horace F.Morrell, Lenox 
Susan, N Leb, m 5 Feb 1814 Anmi Doubleday 

Pike, Eli m 4 Sep 1814 Naomi Duncan, both Pittsfield 

Piatt, Henrietta, Stph, m 18 Dec 1834 Alvan Underwood, : 'a licentiate 7 '' 
Polly, Stph, m 1 Oct 1819 Dr. Henry D. '/right, New Lebanon 
Sophia, Stph, m 24 Nov 1825 Hiram '..'right, Gainesville, NY 
dau. Judge, m 19 Aug 1818 Dr..... Graves, both Stephentown,NY 

Plumb, J. m 18 Jan 1798 Deborah Stephens 

widow Phebe m 30 Jan 1814 Stephen Credo Brown, both Lebanon 

Pollard, m 6 Dec 1821 Sally Porter, New Lebanon 

Polly, m 19 Jan 1797 Miss Cadwell 

Pomroy, John, './orthington, m 16 Nov 1825 Sophia Taylor, Chester 
Mary S. , Ptfd, m 9 Mar 1826 Osee Hawkins, Deerfield,NY 

Pool, Polly m 3 Oct 1826 Sylvester Gilbert, both New Lebanon 

Porter, Julius m 30 Jan 1828 Ann '//oodcock, both Uilliamstown 
Matilda m 7 Sep 1825 Azariah Sanger, both Y/ashington 
Philip P., Ashfield, m 17 Sep 1829 Martha Derby, Pittsfield 
Sally, New Lebanon, m 6 Dec 1821 Pollard /Hancock 

Potter, Catharine, Lanosboro, m 1 iOig 1824 Rockwell Hungerford, 
Chloe, Cheshire, m 30 .lug 1826 Kosea Buck, Lanosboro 
Hannah, Lenox, m 10 Jan 1821 Samuel Andrews, Stockbridge 

Pratt, Hannah, N Leb, m 21 Dec 1824 Peter Satterlee,Princetown, 
Lemuel m 14 Jan 1819 Mary Prcsho,both Lenox \Schdy Co. NY 
Mary H. m 3 Oct 1827 V/illiam P. Hull, both Now Lebanon 
Selah m 4 Mar 1814 Jeremiah Hubbard, both Greenwich 

Presho, Mary m 14 Jan 1819 Lemuel Pratt, both Lenox 
James S. ml Apr 1818 Melinda Spencer, both Lenox 

Quigloy, Phillips m 3 Dec 1818 Ruby Johnson, both Nov; Lebanon 

Ranncy, .Vbigail, Stockbridge, m 31 May 1816 Stephen Ranney,Claverack 

Catharine, Clavorack, NY m 31 May 1816 Austin Andrus, Stockbridge 
Ray, Clement, GtBarrington,m 3 Feb 1823 Clarissa Reed, 7cst Stbr 
Reed, Clariss, './.Stbr, m 3 Feb 1823 Clement Ray, Gt .Barrington 

V/illiam m 30 Jul 1805 Anna Knapp 
Remington, Henry m 18 Aug 1818 Matilda Milliams, both Mashington 
Rcnne, Polly m 15 Nov 1821 James Patterson, both Dalton 
Reynolds, Rachel, Lee, m 25 Sep 1815 John Goss, Lenox 
Rice, Asel m 4 Jun 1825 Patty Swift, both New Lebanon 

Emoline, Lebanon, m ?14 .Vpr 1817 Anthony Carr, of N.Y. 

Ira m 1 Oct 1823 Lucy Ann King, both New Lebanon 

m 21 Jan 1819 Miss Bigolow, both New Lebanon 

Rich, .Abby m 18 Dec 1822 Gilbert Cornwall, both New Lebanon 

Hannah m 2 Jun 1822 George Babcock, both New Lebanon 

James Henry m 11 Aug 1842 Loisa -./.Babcock, both New Lebanon 

Sarah m 21 Jt ug 1819 James How, both New Lebanon 

1,'arren m 27 Jun 1816 Mary Gates, both New Lebanon 

m 1800 Miss 

Richards, Maria m 18 Aug 1822 John Burger, both Chatham, NY 

Martha m 31 Dec 1822 Caleb Stockbridge, both Pittsfield 
Richardson, Lucy m 9 Dec 1824 Harry Gay, both New Lebanon 
Richmond, /Ivan Crittenton m 24 Apr 1821 Mary '/adams, New Lebanon 

Elizabeth, Pittsfield, m 8 Nov 1821 Isaac Thomas, Lenox 

Sally, '/ashington, m 1 Jun 1817 './alter Wood, Lenox 

Sarah m 4 Feb 1814 Elijah Ensign, both Pittsfield 
Ring, Theodosia, Chester, m 19 Oct 1825 James Clapp, Sasthampton 


Rising, , ,Southwick, m 20 Oct 1814 John Green, Boonville,NY 

Robbins Eliza m 5 Fob 1814 Nathan Stevens, both New Marlboro 

Roxena (colored) m 16 Sep 1821 Isaac May 
Roberts, Abigail m 9 Aug 1795 Solomon Thristin 
Nancy m 28 Aug 1815 '/illiam Ross, Pittsficid 
Rockwell, George R. m 25 Aug 1823 Juliana Phelps, both Lanesboro 
John M. , Eaton, NY i 17 Oct 1832 Mrs. Elizabeth Chappel, Lanesboro 
Sophronia m 4 Jan 1834 Rev.'Jillia£ Goodno , both Lanesboro 
Rogers, Ezra in 7 Nov 1799 Lucy Clark, Pittsfield 
Root, Daniel Jr. m 9 Sep 1819 Susannah Church, both Middleficld 
Dolly ra 8 Jan 1827 Benjamin Campbell, both Russell 
Horace m 9 Jan 1317 Edith V/ard, both Pittsfield 
Nancy m 13 Jul 1814 Lyman Peabody, both Pittsficid 
Oliver, B.,nson,Vt. m 22 Oct 1814 Sarah Burbank, Uilliamstown 

Rosin, Maria m 19 Liar 1815 Bates 

Rachel m 16 Oct 1795 Benijah Newel 
Ross, V/illiam, Pittsficid ra 28 ;,ug 1815 Nancy Roberts 
Rowe, Fanny m 23 Fob 1819 Uri Bishop, both Blanford 
Rov;lwy, Catherine, Richmond, m 20 Fob 1841 Henry Lathrop, Canaan, NY 
Mary Ann m 9 Sep 1850 l/illiam S. Carr, both Nov; Lebanon 
Rachel m 9 Sep 1830 .Ancr Gay, both of Nov/ Lebanon 
Royse, \ 'illiam **. m 22 ;,pr 1827 Mary Ann Hicock, both Pittsfield 
Rural....... m 30 Sep 1795 Mr Doming, both Stockbridge 

Sackctt, Isaac m 26 Dec 1799 Mrs. P. Kammon 

Betsey m 18 May 1814 Titus Parker, both Pittsfield 
Sage, Fanny, Nhmp, m 27 Dec 1820 James Ingols, Utica,NY 

Mary .Jin m 8 Apr 1832 Horace B. Wheeler, both Now Lebanon 

Miriam m 18 Jul 1829 Chester Austin, both Sheffield 

V/illiam m 30 .Apr 1826 Sally Patterson, both New Lebanon 
St. John, V/illiam m 11 Aug 1799 Polly Loomis, Richmond 
Sallsburg, Charles Leonard ra 1 Aug 1824 Charlotte Smith, (Shakers) 

\both New Lebanon 
Sanger, Azariah m 7 Sep 1825 Matilda Porter, both 'Washington 

Sarles, m Jan 1797 Peggy Double-day, New Lebanon 

Satterlcc, John, N Leb, m 30 Aug 1830 Catherine Guile, Stph 

Peter, PRincetown, Schenectady Co. NY m 21 Dec 1824 Hannah Pratt, NLeb 
Scott, David ra 25 Jan 1844 Angenctt R. Nutting, both Northampton 
Segears, Henrietta, Ptfd, m 7 Nov 1850 .'right H.Barnes, No. Bocket 
Sellcn, James 3., Lenox, m 10 Jul 1817 Clarissa Dodge, Pittsfield 
Seward, Ab'n m ?Apr 1799 Sally Bostwick 

Miss m 3 Feb 1814 Norton 

I. m 2? Mar 1799 Eunice Edwards 
Seymour, David, Lisle, NY m 23 Feb 1818 Alma Hubbard, Lenox 

Harvey m 21 Nov 1829 Mary Louisa Smith, both Lee 
Sharp, Mary m 23 Jun 1814 Andrew Hall, both Lenox (colored) 
Shaw, Robert I. , Lanesboro, m 23 Sep 1834 Martha Mhitnoy, Pittsficid 

Sarah Ann m 19 Jul 1832 David .,ddison Noble, Mich. 
Sheldon, , Litchfield, Ct. m 27 Feb 1814 Betsey Maria Tryon, Leb 

V/illiam, Denmark, NY m 25 Feb 1825 Judith Parkis, Hinsdale 
Sherwood, John m 21 Aug 1796 Ester Babcock, New Lebanon 
Shumway, Jeremiah m 24 Aug 1815 Lucretia Allen, Lebanon 
Sickles, Elizabeth Augusta m 7 Jun 1851 James Henry Burt, both Ptfd 
Sikes, Sophia, , Washington, m 9 Apr 1818 Amasa Clark, Ptfd, late Hawley 
Simmons, Sophia m 13 May 1329 Harvey Spring, both Washington 
Simons, George, Colebrook,Ct m 19 Oct 1847 Harriet M. Decker, NorfolkCt 
Sizer, Almira m 11 Jul 1825 Charles Carrington, both Chester 


Skinner, Cloe, New Labanon, m 1 Dec 1828 Lewis Ellsworth, Troy, NY 
Slater, Eber m 12 Feb 1817 Salome Garfield, both Tyringham 
Sloan, Joel m 9 Nov 1814 Sarah Holmes, both Pittsfield 
Smith, Alonzo P., Berlin, Ct m ?Feb 1835 Hulda Goodrich, Pittsfield 
Charlotte m 1 Aug 1824 Charles Leonard Sallsburg, New Lebanon 
Christopher H. , Geneseo,NY m 20 Oct 1819 Rhoda Chamberlain, Dalton 
Hannah m 2 Aug 1829 Elijah S.M.Steves, both Chatham, NY 
John D. m 25 Jun 1823 Nancy Norton, both Pittsfield 
Julia m 19 Nov 1828 Alanson Wilbur, both New Lebanon 
Maria m 5 Aug 1818 Edward Morehouse, both Pittsfield 
Maryan,N Leb, m 24 Dec 1823 James './heeler 
Mary Louisa m 3 Dec 1829 Harvey Seymour, both Lee 
Ruth m 15 Oct 1816 Stephen Payn, both Hinsdale 
William S. m 11 May 1842 Martha A.Warner, both Lenox 
Snyder, John, Waterloo, NY m 9 Feb 1831 Laura Wheeler, New Lebanon 
Southworth, Mary, Hancock m 5 Jul 1817 Asa '.. r . Douglass, St ephentownNY 
S^oaulding, Laura m 2 Oct 1815 Elias Wilder, both Worthington 
Sparks, Anna m 7 Sep 1825 Elijah Thomas, both Lenox 
Spencer, Allen m 3 May 1813 Lucy Broad, Lebanon and Hancock 
" Delia m 22 Jan 1823 Worcester Janes, both New Lebanon 
Hiram m 30 Dec 1821 Mary Spencer, both '/est Stockbridge 
Horace m 2 Mar 1817 Betsey Pachin, New Lebanon 
Levina m 12 Mar 1823 William Mitchell, both Blanford 
Marcia m 6 Oct 1844 John Bull, both New Lebanon 
Mary m30 Dec 1821 Hiram Spencer, both West Stockbridge 
Maria m 28 Sep 1832 David P. Gilbert, both New Lebanon 
Melinda m 1 Apr 1818 James S.Presho, both Lenox 
Sophia, Richmond, m 25 May 1825 Ahimaaz Hermon, Lenox 
Spring, Harvey m 13 May 1829 Sophia Simmons, both Washington 
Omer m 2 May 1820 Frances Merrick, both Pittsfield 

Sarah m 22 Dec 1814 , both Pittsfield 

Squire, Miss m ?Sep 1798 — ..... 

Miss ..... m ?May 1799 Fuller 

Stacy, John, Wilbratiam, m 6 Mar 1815 Electa Clark, Pittsfield 
Stearns, Elizabeth m 25 Aug 1819 Leander Lockwood, both Pittsfield 
Stedman, Sarah W. , Lenox, m 22 Mar 1819 Nehemiah Webster, Tyringham 
Stephens, Almira m 8 Jan 1816 William Knapp 
Deborah m 18 Jan 1793 J. Plumb 

Horatio William, Becket, m 19 Jun 1821 Lucretia Hayden, Blanford 
Joel, Pawlet,Vt. m 16 Oct 1826 Rachel Stearns Phelps, Lanesboro 
Olive m 20 Dec 1820 Charles H.Davis, both Stockbridge 

Rachel m Nov 1797 Grippin 

m 17 Mar 1801 William Dean 

Sterns, Urania, Clarksburg, m 5 Jul 1818 James Dantey 
Stevens, Nathan m 5 Feb 1814 Eliza Robbins, both New Marlboro 
Steves, Elijah S.M. m 2 Aug 1829 Hannah Smith, both Chatham, NY 
Stewart, Julia Ann m 28 Jun 1824 Noah Gould (ex-Shakers) 
Stiles, Oliver, Lisle, NY m Sarian Jewett, Lanesboro, 27 Jan 1823 
Stockbridge, Caleb m 31 Dec 1822 Martha Richards, both Pittsfield 
Stone, Mrs. Elizabeth A. , Canaan, NY m 21 Jan 1845 Ananias Hocumb, 

Stow, Benjamin m 4 May 1837 Aramanda Ervin, both N Leb (ex-Shakers) 

Syntha m 1817 Darius Francis, both Pittsfield 
Stowel, Aletheia, Peru, m 22 Apr 1828 Horace Street, Hinsdale 
Street, Horace, Hinsdale, m 22 Apr 1828 Aletheia Stowel, Peru 
Sturges, Franklin m 30 Doc 1827 Sarah Ann Bradley, both Lanesboro 


Sumner, Mayard m 19 Nov 1816 Addi Y, r allis, both Hadley 
Sutlott, Pardon m 3 Oct 1826 Rebecca Baker, both Dalton 
Swift, Patty m 4 Jun 1825 Asel Rice, both New Lebanon 

Talcott, Miss Betsey m 28 May 1818 Maj.Jabez Hall, both Lanesboro 

Emeline A. m 14 Jun 1827 Justus Tower, both Lanesboro 

Mary Elizabeth, Lanesboro, m 6 Aug 1849 Henry G.Briggs, Pittsfield 
Tanner, John F. , Canaan, NY m 13 May 1830 Maria Y/ickam, Canaan, NY 

Nancy Maria m 3 Sep 1843 Benjamin F.Lano, both New Lebanon 
Taylor, Erastus m 19 Aug 1819 Dolly Cuytiss, both Williamsburg 

Hiram, Berlin, Vt. m 11 Feb 1824 Emily Buck, Stockbridge 

Rensalear m 11 Jul 1822 Ruth Bentley, both Pittsfield 

Sophia, Chester, m 16 Nov 1825 John Pomroy, '.'/orthington 
Teal, Cornelius N. m 26 Dec 1829 Sally Great, both Chatham, NY 
Thatcher, Lucy m 25 May 1820 Henry I.'.Bennet, both Lee 

Luther R. m 25 May 1820 Pruda Bennet, both Lee 
Thomas, Elijah m 7 Sep 1825 Anna Sparks, both Lenox 

Isaac, Lenox, m 8 Nov 1821 Elizabeth Richmond, Pittsfield 

Rebecca m 19 May 1825 Joseph './right, both Lenox 
Thristin, Solomon m 9 Aug 1795 Abigail Roberts 
Tickner, Frederick A. m Olive Kendall, New Lebanon 
Tilden, Mary E. ,N Leb, m 13 Sep 1837 Dr. William Pelton, Itahca,NY 

Nancy m 23 Jan 1814 Royal Torrey, both Lebanon, NY 
Tilly, Dorreney m 23 Nov 1815 Oliver Butterfield, both Chesterfield 
Timby, George \J. m 4 Sep 1815 Sally Johnson, both Hinsdale 
Toby, Deborah m 22 Jan 1814 Theodore Field, both Hawley 

Philene, Stockbridge, n 24 Sep 1816 Ethan VanDeusen, Gt .Barrington 
Tolton(or Tolls) ... /Winchester, Ct m 20 Jan 1319 Harriet Frisbie,NLeb 
Torrey, Jesse, m 8 Aug 1816 Mrs.Azuba West Rouse, both New Lebanon 

Royal m 23 Jan 1814 Nancy Tilden, both Lebanon, NY 
Towels, Polly m 18 Apr 1815 Joseph Brown, both Montague 
Tower, Justus m 14 Jun 1827 Emeline A. Talcott, both Lanesboro 
Townsend, James V. , Hancock, m 2 Jan 1816 Polly Carpenter, Stph 
Tracy...... m 16 Jul 1814 widow Gray, both Canaan, NY 

Trendley, Frederick m 25 Dec 1824 Phebc Curtiss, both Dalton 
Trueworthy, Vm.F. , Troy, NY m 21 May 1829 Roby Clark, Nov/ Lebanon 
Tryon, Betsey Maria, N Leb, m 27 Feb 1814 Sheldon, LitchfieldCt 

Cornelia, N Leb ra 28 Jan 1816 Joseph Brown, Brownville,NY 
Twiss, Harran, Middlefiold, m 1 Feb 1837 Lima Metcalf, Chester 
Tyler, Cecelia H. m 19 Jan 1830 Dr. Henry P.Phillips, both Lanesboro 

John? m 20 Jan 1818 Hulda? '/arren, both Lenox 
Tyrrell, Achsah, Lanesboro, m 6 Jan 1826 John C.Chase, Boonville,NY 

Underwood, Alvan m 18 Dec 1834 Henrietta Piatt, Stephcntown,NY 

VanDeusen, m 10 Dec 1818 Elias Gates 

, GtBarriagton, m 24 Dec 1816 Garrit Burghardt ,KinderhookNY 

Ethan, GtBarrington, m 24 Sep 1816 Philene Toby, Stockbridge 
VanHoesen, Catharine m 21 Aug 1824 1/illiam Fellows, both ClaverackNY 
VanNoss, Jesse, Coiumbiaville,NY m 27 Fob 1825 Rachel Bigelow,N Leb 
VanNotc, John, Hunter, NY m 19 May 1831 Mary Bassett, Dalton 
VanRonsselaor, Simeon m 3 Oct 1827 Dolina Araum, both Ptfd (colored) 
VanSchoickjArm, *.:. Stockbridge, m 5 Mar 1818 Horace \/cston( colored) 

V.'adams, Mary,N Leb,m 24 Apr 1821 Alvan Crittcnten, Richmond 
Olive, N Leb, m 21 May 1821 Aaron Billings, Amherst 
m ?Nov 1800 Miss . ...... 


Wadkins, Michael, Lenox, m 28 Feb 1821 Alnira Peters, Lee 
Walker, Anna, Becket, m 15 F^b 1815 Joshua Kibbe, Otis 

Horace m 28 Aug 1825 Cynthia Bradley, both Dalton 

Joseph m 19 Jun 1822 Emoline Coe, both Dalton 

Luther m 30 Dec 1821 Clarissa Clark, both \7ost Stockbridge 

Rebecca m 5 Jun 1817 Philip Laku, both Chatham, NY 
Wallis, Addi m 19 Nov 1816 Mayard Sumner, both Hadley 
Uard, Almira, Middlefield, m 28 Sep 1829 Joel Pierce, Hinsdale 

Edith in 9 Jan 1817 Horace Root, both Pittsfield 
Warner, Clarissa m 14 Apr 1830 David Dillon, both New Lebanon 

Elijah m 3 Oct 1817 Lydia West, both Lebanon, NY 

Emroy, W. Stockbridge, m 31 Jul 1823 Mary Warner, Stockbridge 

Martha A. r. 11 May 1842 William S.Smith, both Lenox 

Mary, Stockbridge, m 31 Jul 1823 Emroy ,/arner, '.'est Stockbridge 
barren, Hulda? m 20 Jan 1818 John? Tyler, both Lenox 
Warrinor, Aurilla m 26 Nov 1822 Charles Cook, both Albany, NY /Lee 
Washburn, './illiams, Lenox, m 17 Jan 1838 Elizabeth Bathsheba Bliss, 
V/aters, Rev. John m 17 Jul 1805 Wealthy Doublcday, New Lebanon 
Way, Isaac m 16 Sep 1821 Roxena Robbins (colored) 
Webb, James m 5 Jul 1841 Clarissa Noble, both Otis 

Maria, Albany ,NY m 30 Oct 1822 William Miner, Pittsfield 
Webster, Nehemiah, Tyringham, m 22 Mar 1819 Sarah W.Stedman, Lenox 

Olive, Conway, m 11 Jan 1821 Reuben Lawrence, Deerfield 
Wellor, Charles, Richmond, Va. :i 10 Jul 1833 Sarah Ann Brown, Alford 

Scth m 1 Oct 1828 Angelina Hammond, both Pittsfield 
Wells, Rebecca m ?Sep 1798 T. F. Jones 

William 3. , Pittsfield, m 6 Jan 1841 Ann 17. Hull, New Lebanon 

m Aug 1801 Wealthy Jones 

Wescott, Laura m 30 Oct 1824 Stephen Carpenter, Cheshire both 
West, Lydia m 3 Oct 1817 Elijah Warner, both Lebanon, NY 

Miss P L« 15 D^c 1799 Cummins 

William, Murray, NY m 4 Feb 1818 Sabrina Baker, Pittsfield 
Weston, Horace m 5 Mar 1818 Ann VanSchoick, West 3tockbridge( colored) 

Isaiah, Dalton m 24 Nov 1818 Mary '.'right, Lanesboro 
l/heelcr, Horace B. m 8 Apr 1832 Mary Ann Sage, both Nov/ Lebanon 

James m 24 Dec 1823 Maryan Smith, New Lebanon 

Justus ?. m 15 May 1814 Lucy Culver, both Lanesboro 

Laura, N Lcb, m 9 Feb 1831 John Snyder, Waterloo, NY 

Martha m 30 Nov 1819 Calvin Bagg, Lanesboro 

m 14 Dec 1817 Mr , New Lebanon 

\/hitc, Dudley m 20 Feb 1835 Betsey A.Young, both Williamstown 

Samuel m 18 Jul 1825 Emoline C.Norton, both Pittsfield 
Whiting, Harriet m 1? Sep 1802 ...... Barker 

l/hitney, Harriet m 15 Feb 1815 Curtiss, both Stockbridge 

Martha, Ptfd, m 23 Sep 1834 Robert T. Shaw, Lanesboro 
Whitwood, Dcodatus m 1800 Achsah Boughton 
Wickam, Maria m 13 May 1830 John F. Tanner, both Canaan, NY 
Wilbur, Alanson m 19 Nov 1828 Julia Smith, both New Lebanon 

Solomon Jr, Troy, NY . : 50 Jul 1805 Rhode Martindale, Lenox 

William, N leb, m 30 Jun 1824 Batheba Bonnet, 3tcphentown,NY 
Wilcox, Diadema, Stockbridge, m 24 Mar 1821 Charles S.Collins 

William H. ..; 12 Apr 1825 Sarah Comstock, Stockbridge both 
\7ildcr, Elias m 2 Oct 1815 Laura Spalding, both Worthington 
Wiley, Lucinda m 15 Apr 1819 George Holcomb, both Stephentown,NY 
Willett, Sophia, Stph, m 28 Aug 1823 Dr.Beriah Douglass, Albany, NY 


Williams, Elizabeth B. m 27 May 1830 Constant Luce, both Pittsfiold 

Levi m 29 Doc 1817 , both Washington 

Lydia m 6 Get 1796 William McGan 

Matilda m 18 Aug 1818 Henry Remington, both Washington 

Richard m 3 Dec 1818 Patience Ferry, both Lenox 

Samuel m 3 Jun 1824 Sarah Dunavon, both Pittsfiold 

William W. m 21 Jun 1818 Desire Hicock, both Fittsfield 
Wills, Richard, N. Hartford, Ct m 11 Oct 1315 Fanny Maynard, Lenox (colorec 
Wilson, Alfred B. m 7 Apr 1824 Electa Clark, both Pittsfiold 

Philene, Wcybridgc,Vt m 13 Jun 1814 Claudius Brittell 
Wing, Maria, Dalton, m 6 Aug 1823 John Granger, Worthington 
Winston, Eliza m 14 Apr 1824 James B.Cook, both Richmond 

Jerusha, Richmond, m 5 Jun 1821 Bethuel Pock, Glens Falls, NY 
Winton, John, Pittsburg, Pa m 2 May 1816 Mary Farrar, Becket 
V.'iswell, Henry C. m 26 Oct 1823 Sarah Mahan, both Dalton 
Witherell, Quartus m 10 Sep 1823 Celina Kendal, both Chesterfield 
Withington, Edward m 13 Apr 1823 Susan Chilson, both Windsor 
Wittlesey, Mrs. Laura, Lenox n 12 Nov 1S26 Levi Patterson, Mt. Washington 
Wood, Ann, Cheshire, m 16 Sep 1820 Thomas B.Brown, Adams 

Resolved, So. Adams, m 12 Dec 1833 Eunice Ann Patterson, New Leb 

Walter, Lenox, m 1 Jun 1817 Sally Richmond, Washington 

Zara m 20 Dec 1820 Rachel Ingram, both Stockbridgc 
Woodbridgo, Polly m 23 Aug 1795 Zatha Daniels 
Woodcock, Ann m 30 Jan 1828 Julius Porter, both Williomstown 
Woodruff , /inn m 1 Apr 1825 Thomas Hemlesy, both Chatham, NY 
Woodworth, Roswell'ia 18 Nov 1818 Cclia Chapin, both Canaan, NY 
Wright, Dr. Henry D. ,NowLob m 1 Oct 1819 Polly Pratt, Stophontown, NY 

Dr. Henry D. m 21 Aug 1832 Ann Elizabeth King, both New Lebanon 

Hiram, Gainsvillo,NY m 24 Nov 1825 Sophia Piatt, Stephentown, NY 

Joseph m 19 May 1825 Rebecca Thomas, both Lenox 

Mary,Lanesboro m 24 Nov 1813 Isaiah Weston, Dalton 

Orpha, Stockbridgc m 11 Sep 1823 William Eotchkiss, Bristol,Ct 

Samuel, Stockbridgc- , m 11 Sep 1823 Olive Benton, Lenox 

1832 - 1852 

Abby, -Lyman R. m 21 Aug 1836 Asenath S.Twiss, both Middlefield 
Adams,- Jacob, Tyringham, m 18 Jul 1845 Sarah Peters, Lenox 

Teresa m 30 Jul 1832 John E.Nilos, both Worthington 
Ailsworth-Rufus m 31 Dec 1843 Paraolia Horton, both Berlin, NY 

Samuel m 23 Sep 1343 Martha Hamilton, both Lenox 
Alden- Catherine m 1 May 1334 George Pratt, both No Adams 
Alderman, -Orpha m 20 Oct 1833 Philip Kittle, both Stephontown,NY 
Aldridge, -David m 28 Nov 1833 Sarah Bailey, both Pittsfiold 
Allen -Albert m 29 Nov 1838 Lucretia Yale, both Nov; Lebanon 
Henry M. — Windsor, m 14 Dec 1839 Electa C.Davis, Hawley 
Isaac m 6 Mar 1843 Mary N.Perry, both Dalton 
Mary m Oct 1836 Amos Doming, NoAdams She of Becket 
Morgan m 5 Mar 1836 Fanny Haykes, both Petersburg, NY 
Roxana, Graf ton, NY m 23 Jan 1836 David Worthington, Petersburg NY 
Alley ,-Emelinc F. .Nantucket m 24 Jul 1845 George Brooks, Ptfd 
Anablc.— Nathaniel, Chesterfield, m 30 Apr 1839 Lucinda Clark, Nhmp 


Anderson, Alexander m 15 Oct 1839 Ann Hamblin, both Lee 

Rachel R. , Stockbridge, m 4 Jul 1844 John P. Reed, Tyringham 
Andrews, Harriet, Austerlitz,NY m 27 Sep 1835 Heman Davis, Alford 

James E. , Cheshire, a 13 Sep 1845 Cynthia M.Dudley, Adams 
Angel, Jane Maria m 28 May 1839 David Anthony, both Adams 
Mary A. m 14 Mar 1856 Edward B.Tincker, both Norwich 
Minerva m 3 Jul 1858 Hezekiah Weeks, both Norwich 
Annons, Caroline, Ptfd, m 5 Nov 1833 David Peters, Ptfd 
Anthony, David m 28 May 1839 Jane Maria Angel, both Adams 

Maria, Sheffield, m 2 May 1844 Richard Thompson, Lenox 
Apthorp, Villiam m Oct 1835 Chloe Howard, both Pittsfield 
Arnold, Harvey R. m 25 Sep 1848 Maria Harrington, both Adams 
Samuel D. m 11 Dec 1843 Margaret Chapman, both Berlin, NY 
Silas H.,NoAdams, m 29 Sep 1838 Zylpha P.Brown, Cheshire 
Atwood, Sophia, Middlefield m 15 Jan 1836 Joel L.Daniels, Ptfd 
Austin, Emily Angeline, Hancock, m 24 Dec 1835 Minor Fisher ,Lanesboro 
Avery, Julia B.,V* Stbr, m 19 Jul 1845 Joseph Miller, Tyringham 
Avi son, James (b.Eng) m 30 Sep 1848 Margaret Ann Booth, Dalton 
Axdell, Harriet, Adams, m 24 Nov 1832 Samuel Benjamin Jr, Adams 

Babcock, Alsina m 1 Oct 1837 John Moon,Jr, both Stephentcwn,NY 

Nancy m 1 Oct 1839 Rodney C.Root, both Lenox 
Backus, A.L. , Ptfd m 20 Jul 1839 Frances Fowler, Southwick 
Bagg, Allen m 1 Nov 1835 Jane Lunn, both Pittsfield 
Bailey, Lavinna m 30 Sep 1837 James II. Roberts, both Pittsfield 
Mary Amelia m 1 Sep 1833 Theodore B.Huleth, both Pittsfield 
Mary B. .Pittsfield", m 1 Oct 1836 Samuel C. Roberts, Hinsdale 
Phoeba Ann, Pittsfield, m 22 May 1833 Henry \'aters, Colchester, Ct 
Sarah m 28 Nov 1833 David Aldridge, both Pittsfield 
Baker, Eunice, Lanesboro, m 20 Apr 1840 Jason -Thite Jr, Hancock 
Henry m 7 Oct 1846 Fanny ',/risley, both Conway 
James E. . Lenox, m 1 Feb 1843 Fanny Chamberlain, Pittsfield 
Balcom, Sophia m 5 Dec 1845 Samuel H.Watkins, both Pittsfield 
Ball, Mary" Ann, Ptfd, m 14 May 1832 David Luce, Hancock 

Mary Ann m 2 Jul 1840 Levi Beebe, both Lee 
Ballard, Ruth N.T. m 14 Aug 1845 Thomas Cole, both West Springfield 
Bardin, Albert C. m 15 Mar 1838 Martha Bassett, both Dalton 
Barker, George '.!. ,Ptfd, m 10 Oct 1832 Cordelia Thayer, Hinsdale 
Barnaby,Adin, Middlefield/: 26 Sep 1833 Martha Drake, Chesterfield 
Barnard, John M. m 23 Mar 1842 Cyntha L. Holmes, both Pittsfield 
Barnum, Nelson m 1 Jan 1838 Mary Hoi comb, both Uilliamstown 
Barrett, Thomas P. m 15 Sep 1836 Fidelia Pomeroy, both Middlefield 
Bartlett ,Mary E. ,Whmp, m 14 Sep 1835 Elijah E.Lloyd, Blanford 

Thaddeus m 1839 Lana Clark, both Otis 
Barton, Henry 3. , Cheshire, m 4 Jul 1847 Leah B. Gardner ,Plainfield 
Bassett , Cornelia m 3 Jul 1836 Chester Seymour, both Lee 

Martha m 15 Mar 1833 Albert C. Bardin, both Dalton 
Bates, Cortland, 3kaneateles,NY m 17 Sep 1840 Julia Ann Pomeroy, 
Ezekiel m28 Sep 1339 Jerusha Burt, both Ptfd y.'illiamsburg 
Harriet L. m 23 May 1841 James B.Root, both Pittsfield 
Marshall L. ,Cummington,m 4 Sep 1841 Nancy C.Mason, Cheshire 
V/illiam m 5 Sep 1840 Harriet Williams, both Stockbridge 
Baxter, Lyman m 20 Aug 1837 Mary Jackson, both New Ashford 
Beach, Eli m 8 Jul 1845 Acksy Snow, both Tolland 

Eliza ra 22 Feb 1843 Luther M.Bennet, both Cheshire 
V/illiam, Washington, m 29 Dec 1838 Lucy Loveland, Hinsdale 


Bearden,Pamelia, Dalton m 25 Oct 1838 Horace Watkins, Pittsfield 
Samuel m 5 Jul 1835 Orinda Bennett, both Stephentown,NY 
Sarah m 13 Oct 1836 Charles Cady, both Dalton 
Susan, Canaan, NY m 2 Dec 1840 Lester Daley, Chatham, NY 
Beebe, Levi m 2 Jul 1840 Mary Ann Ball, both Lee 
Benedict, Mariah m 7 Dec 1840 James M. Palmer, both Stockbridge 
Benjamin, Samuel, Jr m 24 Nov 1832 Harriet Axdell, both Adams 
Bennett, Ambrose, Cheshire, m 29 Sep 1838 Mary Augusta Wait, Sara- 
Genett m 3 Jul 1836 Eveline \ r aterman,both Stph \toga,NY 

Luther M. m 22 Feb 1843 Eliza Beach, both Cheshire 
Oliver P.,Wmst, m 3 Oct 1844 Hannah M.Curtiss, Pittsfield 
Orinda m 5 Jul 1835 Samuel Bearden, both Stephentown,NY 
Bevens, Anthony, Salisbury, Ct m 25 Jul 1833 Harriet E. Fuller, Washington 
Beverly, Ann Francis m 29 May 1836 Griffeth Baven Vardon,both Ptfd 
Bidwell, Hiram, GtBarrington,m 16 Oct 1838 Laura Karris, Salisbury, Ct 
Bill, Sabrina, Ptfd, m 16 Oct 1840 Henry Seeley, GtBarrington 
Bisel, Ben j. Pierce m 15 Mar 1833 Mary '.7. Lee, both Chesterfield 

Israel, Hinsdale, m 24 Apr 1832 Priscilla Ward, Washington 
Blair, Patience, NewAshford,m 29 Sep 1840 Lyman Hall, Lanesboro 
Blake, George R. ml Jan 1839 Ruth Williams, both Stockbridge 

James m 5 Jan 1843 Sarah Torrey, both Hancock 
Blanchard, Allen, Aurclia, NY, m 13 Nov 1856 Mercia P. Walling, Spencer- 
Blinn,0rpha m 12 May 1839 Orrin C.Smith, both NoAdams \town,NY 
Bliven, Perry m 11 Jan 1838 Amanda Chcrevoy, both Lanesboro 

Samuel, Lanesboro, m 19 Sep 1839 Susan Cook, Williamstown 
Boadock, Sonset, Dalton, m 30 Aug 1846 Levi Dauggy, Pittsfield 
Boerdalaer, Henry m 14 Oct 1838 Abigail Edwards, both Lenox 
Bolmer, George B. ,Yonkers,NY m 20 Jun 1838 Mary Ann Savery,',,'ashington 
Bolster, John m 3 Oct 1837 Naomi Smith, both Cheshire 
Booth, Mary Ann m 1 Feb 1838 Abraham I.Raymond, both Hinsdale 

'./illiam 3. ,SandLake,NY m 12 Sep 1838 Sarah Curtis, Dalton 
Bourne, Chloe Ann, Lenox, m 19 May 1844 Daniel L.Wood, Cheshire 
Bow, Jabez, Lenox m 26 Feb 1843 Ruth Ann Jones, Stockbridge 

Sarah m 24 Dec 1849 Elijah Mallen, both Pittsfield 
Bowdish, William m 15 Oct 1837 Sarah Mason, both Cheshire 
Bowers, Joel L. m 15 Jan 1347 Sarah A.Wilbourn, both Chester 
Bowles, George, Ptfd, m 24 Jul 1845 Emeline F. Alley, Nantucket 
Bracket, Paschal P. ,Middlef ield,m 28 Jul 1832 Betsy Haskin, Hinsdale 
Bradley , Eunice J. , Lanesboro, m 24 Oct 1333 Daniel A.Loomis,RochcsterNY 
Louisa m 18 Jan 1837 William Talcott, both Lanesboro 
William m 28 Jul 1839 Clarissa D. Miller, Adams He of Lanesboro 
Bradway,Amasa m 14 Mar 1840 Lovinia Smith, both Stephentown,NY 
Bragg, Bridget m 9 Oct 1836 Joseph Vocelles, both West Stockbridge 
Briggs,Z-phaniah P. m 10 Nov 1836 Sybil Stevens, both Richmond 
Bristol, Merritt A. m 14 Sep 1836 Laura A. French, both '.'est Stbr 
Broga,Almira R. m 19 Sop 1839 Manna L.Thomas, both Socket 
Bronte (Brouk?) , Sarah, Ptfd m 24 Nov 1847 Wm. Michael, Lenox 
Brooks, Crowell m 24 Jun 1835 Ann Maria Osborn^, both Pittsfield 
Eber m 28 Sep 1836 Sarah Wells, both Pittsfield 
Lucy S.Brooks m 17 Jan 1838 Samuel M.Gunn, both Pittsfield 
Sophia H. m 6 May 1837 Nathaniel B.Goodcll, both Pittsfield 
Thomas L. m 13 Apr 1844 Cynthia A. Wilcox, Lexington, Greene Co. ,NY 
Brown, Abraham S. m 9 Dec 1837 Adeline A.Clark, both Sternsville, ?NY 
Andrew J. m 7 Jan 1843 Mary Ann Field, both Cheshire 
Benjamin S. m 6 Jul 1839 Sophia Fuller, both Lenox 
Calvin m 9 Oct 1836 Laura 0'Bryon, both West Stockbridge 


Brown, Chloo S. in 24 Jun 1837 Timothy Thompson, both Chester 
Edgar A. ■" 2 Jul 1847 Esther E. Merrills, both 3tophantown,NY 
Henry J. m 15 Nov 1840 Louisa A.Southworth, both Cheshire 
Isaac, Pittsfield, n 24 Feb 1835 Eliza ^.Roberts, Williamstown 
Janes, Jr, Blanford, m 7 Jun 1832 Smeline Waterman, Russell 
Julia n 13 Apr 1834 Abraham Burbank, both Pittsfield 
Julia m 28 Apr 1840 John Corbet, both Pittsfield 
Julia Ann m 12 Mar 1845 Edward Tryon, both Pittsfield 
Laurin m 19 Mar 1840 Caroline J. Parker, both Lanesboro 
Martha, Cheshire, m 16 Feb 1844 Wm. Henry Petit, Lanesboro 
Mary Elizabeth m 25 Feb 1844 John Gunn, both Pittsfield 
Mary Jewett, Cheshire, m 17 Sep 1833 Albert A. Whitney, Pittsfield 
Maryette, Cheshire, m 25 Feb 1837 V/illiam Nickelson, Lowville,NY 
Paulina, Pittsfield, m 10 Aug 1839 Joseph Crafford, Rutland, Vt 
Sophia, Stockbridgc, m 18 Sep 1832 Moza Stevens, Lenox 
Spencer, Hatfield, m 1 Sep 1842 Margaret Jackson, Williamstown 
Thomas, Worthington, m 7 Dec 1837 Eliza Hamilton, Pittsfield 
V/illiam m 29 Sep 1833 Testimony Hewen, both Pittsfield 
William, W.Stockbridge, m 26 May 1839 Rebecca S. Tanner, StuyvesantNY 
Zylpha P., Cheshire, m 29 Sep 1838 Silas H.Arnold, NoAdams 
Brownell, Stephen D. m 20 Jun 1841 Mary Thayer, both Chatham, NY 
Buck, Charles m 4 Mar 1847 Clarissa Sheperd, both Lanesboro 
Burbank, Abraham m 13 1834 Julia Brown, both Pittsfield 
Burke, Charles, Ptfd, m 9 Mar 1837 sideline Gardner, Lanesboro 
Burlingham, Augustus, Lanesboro m 27 Sep 1842 Laura C. Barker, Hancock 

Leland, Ptfd, m 25 Oct 1836 Lucinda Ward, Westficld 
Burton, Henrietta, Ptfd, m 13 Dec 1842 Alexander J.Smith, Hinsdale 

Horace m 8 Jun 1845 Charlotte Gould, both Ncdans 
Butler, Hiram, Washington, n 4 Jul 1833 Rhoda Leonard, Stockbridge 
Butts, Trena m 29 Apr 1833 Shuball Otis, both Dalton 

Cady, Andrew J. , Greenwich, NY, m 12 Sep 1844 Harriet Stroud, Stamford VW- 
Charles m 13 Oct 1836 Sarah Bcardcn, both Dalton 

John B. ,Austerlitz,NY,m 5 Jan 1836 Susan Merritt, West Stockbridge 
William, Dalton, n 27 Nov 1849 Elizabeth L.Griswold, Hinsdale 
Calkins, Ebcnezer, Tyringham,n 31 Dec 1834 Mahitablc Stevens, Leo 
Campbell, Harry, Canaan, NY m7 Jun 1835 Polly Hill, New Lebanon 

Mary M. m 11 May 1836 Levi Lovering Jr. , both Royalston 
Carlisle, Marcella m 10 ;ipr 1345 Noah Hayden, both Otis 

Carpenter, ,N Leb, m 8 Jun 1334 Piatt Parmer, 3tephentown,Nr 

Lucius m 30 Jul 1836 Betsey Harrington, both Adams 
Nathan C. m 16 Sep 1841 Sophia M.Ingram, both New Ashford 
Spcde, Stcphentown,NY m 10 Mar 1840 John Clark, Lanesboro 
Thomas G. m 13 Jan 1841 Sarah R.Daniels, both Pittsfield 
Carrier, Joseph m 20 Jun 1838 Harriet Hitchcock, both Springfield 
Carrington, Eliza m 5 May 1834 George W.Piatt, both Pittsfield 
Carter, Julia, Russell, m 28 S^p 1842 Richard Church, Becket 

Sarah, Carlisle m 26 Jul 1844 Ephraim Lokcr, Carlisle 
Carver, Martha D. m 15 Sop 1845 George G.Kirkland, both Pittsfield 
Chamberlain, Fanny, Ptfd m 1 Feb 1843 James H. Baker, Lonoz 
Chapel, Calvin, Washington m 13 Apr 1839 Ruth Motcalf, Cheshire 
Chapman, Margaret m 11 Dec 1843 Samuel D.Arnold, both Berlin, NY 

William o 25 Sep 1836 Lucy Finch, both 3tephentown,NY 
Chase, Reuben m 12 Sep 1841 Jane Fish, Cheshire both 
Chatfield, David J,Canandaigua,NY m 4 Oct 1842 Olive M.Longley ,Hawley 
Cherevoy, Amanda m 11 Jan 1838 Perry Bliven, both Lanesboro 
Chilson, Elvira m 1 Nov 1833 Warren Petsinger, E.Otis 


Church, Richard, Bechet, m 28 Sep 1842 Julia Carter, Russell 

Seth H. , Becket, m 5 Nov 1839 Julia F.Putnam, Dalton 
Churchill, William M. , Middlefield, m 15 Aug 1835 Sspersia Jinks, Ptfd 
Clapp, Sybbella m 5 Mar 1832 Horace E. Strong, Southampton both 
Clark, Addison, Stockbridge, m 18 Sep 1836 Mary Smeline Clark 
Adeline A. m 9 Dec 1837 Abraham S. Brown, both Sternsville ?NY 
Antoinette,Leb Sprgs,NY m 11 Jul 1844 Samuel A. Wilson, Smyrna, NY 
Diadema m 11 Feb 1839 Isaac Schofield, both Pittsfield 
George m 23 Feb 1839 Malissa Powers, both Petersburg, NY 
John, Lanesboro, m 10 Mar 1840 Spede Carpenter, Stephentown,NY 
Julia L. m 4 Sep 1841 Sirus S. Fuller, both Dalton 
Louisa m 25 Jun 1844 James K. Palmer, both Stockbridge 
Lucinda, Nhmp, m 30 Apr 1339 Nathaniel Anable, Chesterfield 
Lucy R. m 14 Apr 1833 Sanford Drake, both Pittsfield 
Mary Emeline m 18 Sep 1836 Addison Clark, both Stockbridge 
Mehitable m 14 Apr 1833 David Swart, both Pittsfield 
Nancy m 2 Jan 1837 Lothrop Rouse, both New Lebanon 
Mr s.Phoebe, Tolland, m 10 Nov 1845 Rev. John Swe e t, E.Hart land, Ct 
Samuel G. , Berlin, NY, ra 25 Dec 1841 Sarah A.Wheeler, Hancock 
Sena m 1839 Thaddeus Bartlett, both Otis 
Thomas m 26 Feb 1637 Mary S.Williams, both Pittsfield 
William, i/mst, m 3 Oct 1844 Lucy Quackenbush, Sand Lake, NY 
William H. m 9 Mar 1839 Mary Minerva Fuller, both Lenox 
Clegg, Belinda m 3 Oct 1843 John Dudley, both Adams 
Clough, Charles, Hartford, Vt m 4 Jul 1842 Harriet E.Davis, Ptfd 
Coats, Eunice, Middlefield, m 14 Oct 1836 Robert Johnson, Dalton 
Cobbet, Margaret, Dalton, m 19 Mar 1839 Michael H. Shields, Hinsdale 
Coit, Orlinda m 2 Feb 1837 Edwin Herrick, both Blanford 
Cole, Henry 17. , Adams, m 15 Oct 1836 Eliza AM /hitman, New Ashford 
James Mi. , Northampton, m 12 Nov 1835 Mary Slade, Worthington 
Mary A. m 8 Nov 1835 Harvey W.Mallery, both New Ashford 
Nancy J. , NewAshford, m 6 Jan 1838 Norman A. Eldridge, Hancock 
Seth, Worthington, m 8 Sep 1847 Sarah Eiggins. Chesterfield 
Thomas, m 14 Aug 1645 Ruth N.T.Ballard, both West Springfield 
Collier, William m 24 Jul 1832 Rebecca Hathaway, both Chesterfield 
Collins, Salome m 16 Nov 1833 Stephen A. Dudley . both Tyrmgham 
Colson, Eliza N. , Cheshire m 2 Sep 1838 David Mason, Savoy 
Comsock, Mary m 7 Dec 1344 Alfred P.Linsted, both. So Lee 
Comstock, Eunice m 17 Jul 1842 Jared F.Harrison, both Pittfield 
Congdon, Henry C. .Washington, m 31 Aug 1844 Harriet Sixes, Ptfd 
Cook, Daniel m 13 Sep 1832 Alsina Judd, both Lenox 
Henry ra 3 Jul 1342 Mary Williams, both Stockbridge 
Susan, Williams town, m 19 Sep 1839 Samuel Bliven, Lanesboro 
Cooley, Sarah Elizabeth m 11 Jun 1837 Raphel Rogers, both Stockbridge 
Corbet, John m 26 Apr 1840 Julia Brown, both Pittsfield 
Corbin, Amasa T. m 24 Feb 1842 Sarah Ann Derby, both Williamstown 

Fayette m 22 Feb 1837 Laura Mills, both Williamstown 
Corbum, Sarah M. ,Westf ield, m 19 Jan 1840 Zenas Parker, Cheshire 
Corkins, Elizabeth S. m 23 May 1833 Ansel S,;ars, both Springfield 
Cotrelle, Stockbridge, m 3 Oct 1839 John Hogan, Albany, NY 
Cotton, Norman ra 25 Dec 1849 Maryan A.Wood, both Cheshire 

Susan C. m 24 Feb 1836 John B.Owen, both Otis 
Couch, Albert G. m 15 May 1843 Mary Eliza Durkee, both Lee 
Cowan, Olive, Williamstovm, m 8 Jun 1842 Moses Smith...... 

Crafford, Joseph, Rutland, Vt m 10 Aug 1839 Paulina Brown, Ptfd 
Craft, Michael, Middlefield, m 3 Jul 1839 Harriet Knox, Blanford 
Cram, Isabella m 13 Jun 1838 Srastus Howes, both Adams 


Cranston, John, Kinderhook,NY m 29 Jun 1836 Elizabeth Thompson, Lee 
Cresa, John m 23 Oct 1832 Catherine Weller, both New Lebanon 
Crisp, Mercy m 14 Oct 1842 William Slack, both Northampton 
Crocker, Almira, Hancock, m 3 Jul 1842 Consider Harvey, Austerlitz, NY 

George, New Lebanon, m 8 Apr 1849 Mary Myers, Troy, NY 
Crosier, Harriet M. ,Peru, m 22 Mar 1837 Calvin Smith, Middlefield 
Cross, Abel Jr m 17 Jun 1839 Clarissa Simpson, both Berlin, NY 

Crow, David, Middlefield, m Julia R.Moore, 

Culver, George, Lee, m 27 Nov 1844 Juliette Jacobs, Charlemont 

Curtiss, Daniel B. m 7 May 1836 Mehitable Carpenter, both Pittsfield 

Hannah M. ,Ptfd m 3 Oct 1844 Oliver P.Bennett, Williamstown 

Henry, New Lebanon, NY m 28 Sep 1842 Eugenia Sherman, Adams 

Sarah, Dalton, m 12 Sep 1838 William S. Booth, Sand Lake, NY 

Cutting, George A. m 8 Sep 1835 Cynthia S.Fairchild, both Lee 

Daley, Lester, Chatham, NY m 2 Dec 1840 Susan Boarden, Canaan, NY 
Damon, Lucretia A. m 25 Dec 1842 Calvin Knight, both Chesterfield 

Rachel J. , Chesterfield, m 2 Apr 1840 William P.Monson,Whateley 
Danforth, Harriet, Ptfd, m 29 Apr 1838 Hosea H. Parmer, Lee 

Lorinda m 16 Feb 1833 Moses Poster, both Pittsfield 
Daniels, Adeline m 22 Apr 1839 Jeremiah Jones, both Adams 

Clarissa, Wmst, m 28 Aug 1836 Laban D.Mattison, Arlington, Vt 
David, I'&ist, m 4 Jul 1851 Ellen M. Mason, Lanesboro 
Johiel m 15 Sep 1844 Phoebe Franch, both Pittsfield 
Joel L. m 15 Jan 1836 Sophia Atwood, Middlefield He of Ptfd 
Louisa m 14 Jan 1837 Orrin Field, both Adams 
Paulina m 15 Nov 1835 Elisha V. r ood, both Cheshire 
Rhoda m 10 Aug 1834 Albert Talcott, both Lanesboro 
Sarah R. m 13 Jan 1841 Thomas G. Carpenter, both Pittsfield 
Darling, Catherine P. m 31 May 1836 Quincy A.Jordan, both Lanesboro 
Dauggy, Levi, Ptfd, m 30 Aug 1846 Sonset Boadock, Dalton 
Davis, Caroline A., Ptfd, m 4 Jul 1842 Alonzo Day, Hartford, Vt 
Delia E. m 5 Sep 1C40 Harvey Williams, Stockbridge 
Electa C, Hawley, m 14 Dec 1839 Henry M.Allen, Windsor 
Frederick W. , Hawley, m 30 Mar 1839 Margaret Enough, Hinsdale 
Harriet E. , Ptfd, n 4 Jul 1842 Charles Clough, Hartford, Vt 
Heman, Alford, m 27 Sep 1835 Harriet Andrews, Austerlitz, NY 
Henry, m 4 Jul 1851 Sarah Kelson, both Lenox 
Louisa m 26 Mar 1840 Benjamin B.Morey, both Lee 
Dawley, Franklin J. m 12 Sep 1847 Almira E. Knight, both Cheshire- 
Day, Alonzo, Hartford,Vt. m 4 Jul 1842 Caroline A.Davis, Ptfd 
Dayton, Milo M. m 29 Nov 1839 Cynthia A.Loomis, both Wostfiold 
Dean, Horace m 4 Oct 1835 Maria Ward, both Gt Barrington 
Deforest, Priscilla, Leo, m 7 Pub 1832 Timothy Murphy, Mansfield, Ct 
Deming, Amos, NoAdams, m - Oct 1836 Mary Allen, Becket 

Emelinc, Ptfd, m 2 Sep 1837 Stephen Howard, Gt Barrington 
Demon, Austin m 26 Doc 1838 Mary Odell, Gt Barrington 
Derby, Samuel m 2 May 1841 Mary Jinks, both Hancock 

Sarah Ann, m 24 Fob 1842 Amasa T.Corbin, both Williamstown 
Solomon, Hancock, m 20 Mar 1845 Cornelia E.Morcy, 3tephentown,NY 
Diamond, George G. m 2 Oct 1851 Betsy Tidd, both 3tephentown,NY 
Dodge, Jonas m 10 May 1836 Lydia Tyler, both Pittsfield 

Louisa M. , Lanesboro, ra 9 Nov 1843 Ezra Edmunds, Cheshire 
Dolbey, Jane Eliza, Ptfd, n 19 May 1843 Lester Haskell, Peru 
Donahue, Margaret n 26 Jun 1842 James Hogan, Pittsfield both 
Doty, Leonard, Stph, m 11 Sep 1836 Lydia Loisa Gardner, Hancock 
Dower, Ascnath, ptfd, m 9 Jan 1836 Sirus Hoxie, Cheshire 


Drake, Martha, Chesterfield, m 26 Sep 1833 Adin Barnaby,Middlef ield 
Sanford, in 14 Apr 1833 Lucy R.Clark, both Pittsficld 

Dudley, Cynthia M. , Adams, m 13 Sep 1845 James E.Andrews, Cheshire 
John m 3 Oct 1843 Belinda Clegg, both Adams 
Lucy m 17 Oct 1844 Ebenczer B.Rumrall, both Roxbury 
Stephen A. m 16 Nov 1833 Salome Collins, both Tyringham 

Dunbar, Maryan, West Stbr m 13 Nov 1834 John Williams, 3tbr 

Thaddeus, Bennington, Vt m 16 Jun 1838 Lois D.Moranville, Lanesboro 

Dunham, Martha M. ,"'7indsor, m 1 Jan 1842 Joseph J. Howard, Pittsficld 

Durkee, Henry 3. m L9 Aug 1847 Henrietta Palaer, both Pittsficld 
Mary Eliza m 15 Hay 1843 Albert G. Couch, both Lee 

Edgcline, Ann Maria m 2 Nov 1845 Charles Peirce, both Pittsfield 
Edmonds, Ezra, Cheshire, m 9 Nov 1343 Louisa M.Dodge, Lanesboro 

Mary A. m 2 Nov 1845 Horace S.Strocter, both NoAdams 
Edwards, Abigail ra 14 Oct 1838 Henry Boerdalcr, both Lenox 

Mary Ann, '.'orthington, m 7 Aug 1843 Holland Moore, Chesterfield 
Eldridgc, Norman A., Hancock, n 6 Jan 1838 Nancy J.Cole,NowAshford 

Shaler W. m 23 May 1839 Mary R. Norton, both Southampton 
Ellis, Thomas m 18 May 1845 Laura '.ay, both Pittsficld 
Ely, Aaron, Shinp, m 1 Oct 1839 Jane Hassct, Middlefield 
Ensign, Marium Zeziah m 1 Apr 1838 '.Villi am Treadwell, both Ptfd 
Esporance, Helen Shanloy, Schoharie, NY m 12 Jan 1837 James Reed, Lee 
Evans, John ra 23 Oct 1842 Mary Penny, bcL;h Stockbridgc 
Everts, Clark rn 2 Sep 1837 Ann Hallory, ooth Stockbridgc 

David M. m 23 Jul 1836 Julie. M. Youngs, both Hinsdale 

Fairchild, Cynthia 5. m 8 Sep 1835 George A. Cutting, both Lee 
Fairfield, Jane n 25 Nov 1840 Horace Stocking, both Dalton 

Fanny n 6 Nov 1841 Charles B.Watkins, both Dalton 
Fairrian, Maria m 23 Nov 1836 Joel S. Searls, both Norwich 
Farnum, Elizabeth, Lanesboro m 22 Apr 1843 Hor.icr Wincholl, Loo 

Franklin, Lanesboro n 6 Nov 1844 Maria Hungerford, Pittsficld 

Jo6n m 2 Jun 1844 Minerva Ann Willians, both Lanesboro 
Fellugan, Lucretia m 9 Oct 1843 William Nelson, both Pittsfi .id 
Fergurson, William Jr n 1 Jan 1839 Lois Parker, both Adams 

William n 6 Sep 1840 Thedc A. Tower, both Dalton 
Ferry, Louisa n 8 Sep 1833 V/illiam '/.Hyde, both Stockbridgc 
Field, Albert, Adams, n 9 Oct 1842 Abigail H. Porter, Cheshire 

Mary Ann r.i 7 Jan 1843 Andrew J.Brown, both Cheshire 

Orrin n 14 Jan 1837 Louisa Daniels, both Adams 
Fields, Albert n 5 Jul 1836 Lucy Ann Fields, both Pittsficld 

Almira m 10 Feb 1837 Chauncey '/.Jones, both Pittsficld 

Betsey m 2 Sep 1840 Ja3on Jones, both Pittsfield 

John m 5 Sep 1832 Anna Sv;eet, GtBarrington Ho of Stockbridgc 

Lucy Ann m 5 Jul 1836 Albert Fields, both Pittsfield 

Rhodaufus m 20 Jun 1840 Eliza Jinks, both Cheshire 
Finch, Lucy, la 25 Sep 1836 V/illiam Chapman, both Stephentown,NY 

Phoebe n 15 Sep 1344 Jehiel Daniels, both Pittsficld 
Fincnus, Ezra D. m 30 May 1847 Hannah G.Tucker, both Pittsficld 
Fish, George, Cheshire, a 20 Doc 1840 Lucy M.Cole, Lanesboro 

Jane m 12 Sep 1841 Reuben Chase, both Cheshire 
Fisher, Minor, Lanesboro, m 24 Doc 1855 Enily Angclinc Austin, Hancock 
Flemming, Marian C. m 13 Feb 1839 Caleb L. Warren, both Dalton 
Fletcher, Ben jamin,W. Springfield, rn 5 Sep 1840 Louisa Freeman, Ashfiel' 

Merrick, Springfield, n 12 Sep 1833 Henrietta Grant, Pittsfield 
Flower, Aurelia, Adorns, n 28 Sep 1832 Levi Peck, Pownal, Vt. 


Fogal, Mary Ann m 18 Nov 1836 Alvin Hat toon, both Pittsficld 
Foot, Osr.ian n 9 Jul 1843 Mary Ann Hulbort, both Dalton 
Fordyco, Any J. n 9 Nov 1839 William M.Harris, both Stephen town, NY 
Foster, Moses a 16 Fob 1833 Lorinda Danforth, both Pittsficld 
Fowler, Frances, Southwick, m 20 Jul 1839 A. L. Backus, Pittsficld 
Franklin, Katherine m 21 Hay 1843 Francis Hanilton, both Pittsficld 

Lorenzo a 21 Aug 1847 Lucinda Hamilton, both Pittsficld 
Frarey, Duty a 24 Sep 1845 Ann Eliza Gibbs, both Blandford 
Freeman, Louisa, Ashfield, a 5 Sep 1840 Benjamin Fletcher ,W. Springf'd 
French, Laura A. n 14 Sep 1836 Hcrritt A.Bristol, both West Stbr 

Mahala a 16 Oct 1833 Harvey Morey, both Wcstficld 
Fuller, David n 19 Sep 1847 Lucinda Jane Alexander , both NewHarlboro 
Erastus a 4 Nov 1848 Nancy Bates, both Pittsfield 
Harriet E. /Washington, u 25 Jul 1.833 Anthony Bcvans, Salisbury, Ct 
Mary Minerva a 9 Mar 1839 William H.Clark, both Lenox 
Sirus S. a 4 Sep 1841 Julia L.Clark, both Dalton 
Sophia a 6 Jul 1839 Benjamin S.Brown, both Lenox 
Waldo C. m 15 Oct 1839 Henrietta Stocking, both Pittsfield 
Furlow, William, Westfield, a 25 Jun 1840 Mary /inn Royce, Lisle, NY 

Gardner, Adeline, Lanesboro, n 9 Mar 1837 Charles Burke, Pittsficld 
Dr. Benjamin m 26 Apr 1838 Ruth D. Kinne, both Chesterfield 
Charles m 14 Sep 1843 Elizabeth Robinson, both Sheffield 
Leah Bennett, Plainfield, m 4 Jul 1847 Henry S.Barton, Cheshire 
Lydia Loisa, Hancock, m 11 Sep 1836 Leonard Doty, Stephentown,NY 
Garlick, Rufus n 30 Dec 1838 Phoebe Potter, both Lanesboro 
Gay, Sarah Ann n 30 Dec 1843 Stephen Thorne, both Lee 
Gaylord, Alvah F. ,Ptfd, a 25 Sop" 1848 Elizabeth P.0strander,ChathamNY 
Gear, William T. , Ptfd, a - Mar 1835 Dolly Ann Weller, Westfield 
Gee, Thomas m 13 Jun 1848 Margaret Duffy, both Nov/ Lebanon 
Gibbs, Ann Eliza m 24 Sep 1845 Duty Frarey, both Blanford 
Gibson, Minor m 8 Due 1834 Mary Rust, both Chester 
Gilo, Sally A. n 30 Nov 1336 Chaunccy S. Hayes, both Blanford 
Gillott, Rebecca, Southv/ick, m 30 Aug 1835 Daniel Hillyer,Atwater,0. 
Gladden, Theodore, Nhmp, m 22 Oct 1839 Ann Elizabeth Head, Pi^tsfiulu 
Goodoll, Ann S. , Hancock, m 9 Hay 1839 William T.Lane, Stockbridge 
Nathaniel B. a 6 May 1857 Sophia H.Brooks, both Pittsfield 
William m 28 Apr 1838 Mahala Holistor, both Stockbridge 
Goodrich, Elizabeth n 11 Dec 1G34 Alanson Talcott, both Pittsfield 
Gould, Charlotte, m 8 Jun 1845 Horace Burton, both NoAdams 
Grant, Henrietta, Ptfd, m 12 Sep 1833 Merrick Fletcher, r jt>ringf ield 
Gray, Kertland ;.'., Ptfd, m 26 Fob 1837 Sarah M. Pease, Lee" 

Thomas n 9 Jan 1834 Miranda Sibley, both Richmond 
Green, Benjamin Franklin m 7 Jan 1813 Lydia Ann King, both Cheshire 
Clark m 10 Sep 1836 Mary Ann Wilkinson, both Petersburg, NY 
Dyer P. , Berlin, NY m 24 Oct 1842 Lydia Sherman, Willi oias town 
Grecnman, Russell D.,3tph, m 20 Jan 1832 Lydia Miner, Tyringhori 
Greenwood, Elizabeth m 20 Jan 1840 George Si.vaions, both Pittsficld 

Louisa m 16 Feb 1337 Sa:.:uel 3pencer, both Richnond 
Gregory, Alfred S. m 5 Jun 1841 Rhoda C.Gallup, both Dalton 

Amanda M. , Lanesboro, m 30 Jun 1836 Jciaes Lewis 2d, New Ashford 
Griswold, Cynthia L. u 28 Jul 1842 Augustus Rice, both No;.dcais 
Gunn, John m 25 Feb 1844 Lory Elizabeth Brov/n, both Pittsfield 

Samuel M. a 17 Jan 1838 Lucy E. Brooks, both Pittsfield 
Gurdar.., Peter m 6 Oct 1834 Caroline Landres, both Tyringhan 


Hall, Eliza n 20 Mar 1842 Philip Oates, both Lestfield 

Elizabeth S. m 17 Oct 1832 Ira Sprague Jr., both Pittsfield 
Emily Ann m 12 Sep 1844 Benjamin Smith, both NoAdans 
John, Lenox, m. 28 Feb 1833 Sylva Holnes, Stockbridge 
John M. , Richmond, m 16 Sep 1837 Elizabeth Volk, Stockbridge 
Laura Eliza in 12 May 1837 Jesse V. Wild, both Pittsfield 
Lyman, Lanesboro, a 29 Sop 1840 Patience Blair, New Ashford 
Mary Ann, Sheffield, m 1 Dec 1836 Frederick Roberts, Pittsfield 
Nancy, L'osthampton, r.i 22 Jun 1858 Lillian Stark, Northanpton 
Lashington, Egronont, ri 4 Jul 1835 Fidelia Schofiold, Sheffield 
Hanbleton, Sarah, Pittsfield, n 17 Feb 1833 Paul Kelson, Lenox 
Hanblin, Ann ri 15 Oct 1839 Alexander Anderson, both Lee /NY 
Hamilton, Charles, Pittsfield, 3 Jun 1833 Louisa *7hittlesGy,Catskill 
David A. n 31 Jul 1847 Sarah Durham, both Pittsfield 
Eliza i.i 16 Dec 1832 Robert Robcrson, both Pittsfield 
Eliza, Pittsfield, t. 7 Dec 1837 Thomas Brown, L'orthington 
Francis n 21 May 1843 Katherine Franklin, both Pittsfield 
Henry r. 22 Feb 1845 Harriet E.Tucker, both Pittsfield 
Lucinda n 23 May 1841 John Turfs, both Pittsfield 
Martha •;: 23 Sep 1843 Sar.uel Alosworth, both Lenox 
Sally, "Hampden Co." ?.• 14 Nov 1833 Isaac P.Tinckor,L'estf ield 
Hanover, Jane, Kindcrhook,NY n 4 Dec 1851 Lillian '/.York, Ptfd 
Harbcrnoss, Rhoda m 21 Sep 1839 David Hov/land, both Ada: as 
Harrington, Betsey, r. 30 Jul 1836 Lucius Carpenter, both Adams 
Betsy Ann, Chester, n 23 Nov 1836 Ebonczcr S.Searls, Norwich 
Sarah A. :.i 24 Aug 1845 ',.'. Lull, both Pittsfield 
Harris, Ananda r.: 21 ^ug 1836 Gilbert Vorden, both Middlefield 
Edward m 10 Jul 1836 Mary Hunt, both Sand Lake, NY 
Eliza, Salisbury, Ct r.: 25 Sep 1838 John Morrison, Tyringham 
Hannah M. n 7 Oct 1845 Reuben Sisor, both Bccket 
Laura, Salisbury, Ct n 16 Oct 1838 Hiram Bidwcll, Gt .Barrington 
Mary Ann, Cheshire, r.i 14 Apr 1844 John '..est, Pittsfield 
Lillian N. r.i 9 Nov 1839 Amy J. Fordice, both 3tophentown,NY 
Harrison, Elizabeth m 1 May 1857 Lillian L'illis, both Lestfield 
Jared F. n 17 Jul 1842 Eunice Constock, both Pittsfield 
Josiah A. n 23 Apr 1848 Jane Le-Roy, both Lee 
Louisa n 16 Oct 1842 Joel M. Mellon, both Pittsfield 
Nancy ;jin :a 20 Jul 1840 Harry Vosburgh, both Hancock 
Hart, Margaret n 31 Dec 1841 John Hinds, both Lee 

Harvey, Consider, Austerlitz ,NY, n 3 Jul 1842 Alrdra Crocker , Hancock 
Haskell, Lester, Peru, m 19 May 1843 Jane Eliza Dolbey, Pittsfield 
Kaskins, Betsey, Hinsdale, n 28 Jul 1832 Paschal P.Brackett ,Middlef ' d 
Dyantha n 10 Aug 1843 Janes P. Rice, both Savoy 
Mary M. , Lashington, m 28 Jan 1832 Janes H.VanVleck,Dalton 
Hasset, Jane, Middlof ield, n 1 Oct 1839 Aaron Ely, Southampton 
Hatch, Norris L'arner r: 25 May 1835 Lucy B.Utley, both Richmond 
Hathaway, Rebecca n 24 Jul 1832 Lillian Collier, both Chesterfield 
Hawloy, John, Tolland, n 13 Nov 1839 Caroline N. Judd, Litchfield, Ct 
Kayden, Noah n 10 ^vv 1845 Marcclla Carlisle, both Otis 
Hayes, Chauncey S. n 30 Nov 1836 Sally ;^.Gile, both Blanford 

Nancy ( Keys ), Ptfd, n 24 Mar 1845 Patrick Kinds, Lenox 
Haykes, Fanny n 5 Mar 1836 Morgan Allen, both Petersburg, NY 
Heath, Lucian, Tyringham, n 14 Sep 1836 Eunice L.Osborn, Lenox 
Henry, Julia n 30 Apr 1336 Paddock McKoy, both Hinsdale 
Herrick, Edwin, n 2 Feb 1837 Orlinda Coit, both Blanford 

Eunice, Norwich, a. 13 Nov 1838 Samuel Lloyd, Blanford 
Herring, Jane, Becket, n 28 Nov 1844 Ransom Nichols, L'ashington 


Hewen, Testimony m 29 Sep 1833 William Brown, both Pittsfield 
Hewett, Rufus, GtBarrington, m 3 Oct 1833 Sally Hinckley, Meredith, NY 
Hibbard, John A. .Lenox, m 6 Apr 1840 Mary Montague, Pittsfield 
Hill, Polly, New Lebanon, m 7 Jun 1835 Harry Campbell, Canaan, NY 
Hyllyer, Daniel, Atwater,0. m 30 Aug 1835 Rebecca Gillett ,Southwick 
Hinckley, Josiah, Lee, m 9 Feb 1838 Harriet Stedman, Lenox 
Lydia m 1 Jan 1837 Robert S.Odell, both Stephentown,NY 
Sally, Meredith, NY m 3 Oct 1853 Rufus Hewett, GtBarrington 
Kinds, John, Lee, m 31 Dec 1841 Margaret Hart, both Lee 

Patrick, Lenox, m 24 Mar 1846 Nancy Heys, Pittsfield 
Hitchcock, Harriet, m 20 Jun 1838 Joseph Carrier, both Springfield 
Hogan, James m 26 Jun 1842 Margaret Donahue, both Pittsfield 

John, Albany, NY, m 3 Oct 1839 Henriett M.Cotrelle ,Stockbridge 
Hoi comb, Hannah Amanda, m 27 Nov 1836 Daniel Johnston Jr.bothChester 

Mary, m 1 Jan 1838 Nelson Barnum, both Williams town 
Holder, Ann m 11 Aug 1839 George Weir, both Pittsfield 
Holdridge, Caroline, m 16 Jun 1839 William H.Vandebogart ,bothNassauNY 
Holenbeck,Luzetta Avalin,Egremont , m 25 Aug 1833 Giles R. Miner, Stbr 
Holley, Martha m 2 Nov 1837 Edward H.Norton, both Pittsfield 
Holliday, Betsey , "Rockingham, Windham Co., Mass." m 4 Mar 1836 

(probably Windham, Rockingham Co.NH) Stephen Lee,SoHadley 
Holister,Mahala m 28 Apr 1838 William Goodell, bo J ;h Stockbridge 
Holmes, Emeline m 9 Aug 1835 Eliphalet W.Ormsby, both Lee 
Levi, Adams, m 1 Jan 1839 Lurana Phelps, Rowe 
Rufus E. m 30 Apr 1833, Cynthia Leonard, both Wor^hington 
Syntha m 23 Mar 1842 John M.Barnard, both Pittsfield 
Sylva, Stockbridge, m 28 Feb 1833 John Hall, Lenox 
Hoose, Algernon, Dalton, m 23 Jul 1846 Sylvia Sucker, Lanesboro 
Hoot ibard, Thomas, m 8 Nov 1813 Elizabeth McAusland,both Pittsfield 
Horton, Levi m 26 Sep 1837 Laura Mix, both Lenox 

Lois, m 3 Feb 1834 Munroe Knapp, both New Lebanon, NY 
Pamelia, m 31 Dec 1843 Rufus Ailsworth, both Eerlin.NY 
Howard, Chloe m Oct 1835 William Apthrop, both Pittsfield 
Joseph J., Pittsfield, m 1 Jan 1842 Martha M.Dunham, Windsor 
Stephen, GtBarrington, m 2 Sep 1837 Emeline Demming, Pittsfield 
Howes, Erastus m 13 Jun 1838 Isabella Cram, both Adams 

Samuel C. , Lenox, m 3 Oct 1837 Maryett York, Becket 
Howland, David m 21 Sep 1839 Rhoda Harberness, both Adams 

Susan, Lee, m 12 Dec 1833 Marshall Johnson, Becket 
Hoxie(Hocksey) , Fanny , Cheshire, m 26 Mar 1836 Sirus Peck, Troy, NY 

Sirus , Cheshire, m 9 Jan 1836 Asenath Dower, Pittsfield 
Hubby, David L.,Ptfd, m 4 Jul 1841 Lucy Almira Montague, Lenox 
Hulbert, Diannah, Lenox, m 27 Sep 1S38 Isaac Vanderpool, Lee 

Mary Ann m 9 Jul 1843 Osnan Foot, both Dalton 
Kuleth, Theodore B. ml Sep 1833 Mary Amelia Bailey, both Ptfd 
Humpstead,Mary Ann, Dalton, m 5 Nov 1839 Wm. N.Putnam, Becket 
Hungerford, Ellen T. m 26 May 1847 John A. Merry, both Pittsfield 

Maria, Pittsfield, m 6 Nov 1844 Franklin Farnum, Lanesboro 
Hunt, Mary m 10 Jul 1836 Edward Karris, both Sand Lake, NY 
Hyde, William W. m 8 Sep 1833 Louisa Ferry, both Stockbridge 

Ingram, Sophia m 16 Sep 1841 Nathan C. Carpenter, both NewAshford 
William, Richmond, m 3 Aug 1845 Elizabeth Mitchell, Pittsfield 

Isham, Lemuel Jr, Pittsfield, m 7 Oct 1832 Wealthy Orcutt, Goshen 
Wealthy m 21 Aug 1842 John Miller, both Pittsfield 

Ishbell, Myron m 2 Mar 1857 Frances Timothy, both Williamstown 


Jackson, Dinah, Lenox, m 24 May 1844 Jacob Mull in, Pittsfield 
Henry m 18 Nov 1835 Lucy Lloyd, both Lanesboro 

Irene, Hinsdale, m 2 Mar 1837 Valentine Perry 

Lucinda m 23 Aug 1844 Henry Nash, both Pittsfield 

Margaret, Williamstown, m 1 Sep 1842 Spencer Brown, Hatfield 

Mary m 20 Aug 1837 Lyman Baxter, both Nov; Ashford 

Jacobs, Juliette, Charlcmont , m 27 Nov 1844 George Culver, Lee 
Mariah, Egromont, m 30 Aug 1841 John Molly, Hudson, NY 

Jadwin, Hannah m 12 Sep 1833 Datus E.Perry, both Pittsfield 
Phoeba M. ,New Lebanon, NY m 4 Jul 1336 Titus E.Perry, Windsor 
Rebecca m 6 Jul 1833 James H. Osborn, both Pittsfield 

Jcnne, Moriah m 5 Nov 1839 Jane Williams, both Lenox 

Jinks, Albert m 13 Jul 1839 Philancy Mason, both Cheshire 
Eliza m 20 Jun 1840 Rhodaufus Fields, both Cheshire 
Espersia, Ptfd, m 15 Aug 183G T ..m. M.Churchill, Middlefield 
Jesse A. , Cheshire, ml5 Sop 1833 Ann Eliza Smith, ivorway, NY 
Levi II . m 9 Nov 1850 Nancy J. Rider, both Cheshire 
Mary m 2 May 1841 Samuel Derby, both Hancock 

Johnson, Franklin, Stockbridge, m 5 Aug 1848 Louisa Lewis, Lenox 
Israel H. m 12 Jun 1847 Catherine A, Wicker, bo-oh Lenox 
Marshall, Bcckot, m 12 Dec 1833 Susan Rowland, Lee 
Robert, Dalton, m 14 Oct 1838 Eunice Coats, Middlefield 

Johnston, Daniel Jr, Chester, m 27 Nov 1836 Hanna;: Amanda Kolcomb 

Jones, Chauncey W. m 10 Feb 1837 Almira Fields, bcth Pittsfield 
David W.T. ,Buckland, m 14 Feb 1832 Thankful E. Trumbull ; Washington 
James L. m 4 Jun 1836 Sara!. P.Thomas, both Pet^. rsburg,NY 
Jason m 2 Sep 1840 Betsy Fields, both Pittsfield 
Jeremiah m 22 Apr 1839 Adeline Daniels, both Adams 
John m 2 Jul 1842 Lurana Mcintosh, both Pittsfield 
Ruth Ann, Stockbridge, m 26 Feb 1843 Jabez Bow, Lenox 

Jordan, Juli Ann m 29 Jun 1839 Ott T. Shaw, both Lee 

Q,uinccy A. m 31 May 1836 Catherine P. Darling, both Lanesboro 

Judd, Alsina m 13 Sep 1632 Daniel Cook, both Lenox 

Caroline N. ,LitcLf ield,Ct m 13 Nov 1639 John Hawley, Tolland 

Kane. Ellen m 25 Dec 1841 Thomas Saunders, both Pittsfield 
Keep, Jane, Granville, m 4 Nov 1839 Luke Osborn, Blanford 
Kellogg, Mary, Windsor, m 8 Aug 1839 George A.Watkins, Pittsfield 
Kelson, Paul, Lenox, m 17 Feb 1833 Sarah Hambleton, Pittsfield 
Kemball, Orisa m 4 Feb 1834 Stephen King, both Amherst 
Kendall, Thomas, Dalton, m 20 Jun 1841 Nancy Smith, Dalton 
Kershaw m 23 Feb 1843 Augusta Maria Thompson, both Pittsfield 
King, Lydia Ann, Cheshire, m 7 Jan 1843 Benjamin Franklin Green 

Stephen, m 4 Feb 1834 Orisa Kemball, both Amherst 
Kingsley, Lucy, Williamsburgh, m 27 Dec 18a3 John Torrcy ,Cummington 
Kinne, Nathan, , m 23 Jun 1836 Malinda Ward, WostStockbridge 

Ruth D. m 26 Apr 1838 Dr. Benjamin Gardner, both Chesterfield 
Kinsley, William m 22 Dec 1843 Sarah Spurr, both Pittsfield 
Kirkland, George G. m 15 Sep 1845 Martha D.Carver, both Pittsfield 
Kittle, Philip m 20 Oct 1833 Orpha Alderman, both Stephentown,NY 
Knapp, Munroe m 5 Feb 1834 Lois Korton, both New Lebanon, NY 
Knickerbocker, Byron m 24 Oct 1840 Elizabeth VanDeusen,both Copake,K' 
Knight, Calvin m 25 Dec 1842 Lucretia A.Damon, both Chesterfield 
Knough, Margaret, Hinsdale, m 30 Mar 1839 Frederick '.7. Davis, Hawley 
Knox, Harriet, Blanford, m 3 Jul 1839 Michael Craft, Middlefield 

Landres, Caroline m 6 Oct 1334 Peter Gurdam, both Tyringham 
Lane, William T. ,Stockbridge, m 9 May 1839 Ann E.Goodell, Hancock 
Lawrence, Electa m 25 Nov 1040 Henry Smith, both Dalton 
Lee, Mary W. m 15 Mar 1833 Benjamin Pierce Bisel,bothChesterf ield 

Stephen, SoHadley, m 4 Mar 1836 Betsy Holliday, Windham, NH ? 
Leland, Moses, Worcester, m 23 Mar 1836 Sary M. Spring, Washington 
Leonard, Cynthia m 30 Apr 1833 Rufus E.Holmes, both Worthington 

George, Roxbury, m 9 Feb 1832 Lucy Mahan, Dalton 

Rhoda, Stoclcbridge, m 4 Jul 1833 Hiram Butler, Washington 
Lewis, Harriet m 9 Oct 1833 Samuel Williams, both Lenox 

James 2d,NewAshford, m 30 Jun 1836 Amanda M.Gregory ,Lanesboro 
Lindsay, Daniel S. m 3 Nov 1833 Mary Perry, both Pitt sf ield 
Linsted, Alfred P. m 7 Dec 1844 Mary Comstock, both So. Lee 
Little, Edmund m 30 Dec 1843 Harriet Sheffield, both Lee 
Lloyd, Catherine, Dalton, m 28 Sep 1839 Reuben Wharf ield, Pitt sf ield 

Elijah E., Blanford, m 14 Sep 1835 Mary E.Bartlett ,Whmp 

Lucy m 18 Nov 1835 Henry Jackson, both Lanesboro 

Samuel, Blanford, m 15 Nov 1858 Eunice Kerrick, Norwich 
Longley, Olive M. , Hav/ley, m 4 Oct 1842 David J.Chatfield, 

\C_anandaigua, NY 
Loomis, Cynthia A. m 29 Nov 1839 Milo M.Dayton, both Westfield 

Daniel A. , Rochester, NY, m 24 Oct 1833 Eunice J. Bradley, Lanesboro 
Loper, Ephraim m 26 Jul 1844 Sarah Carter, both Carlisle 
Lorain, Albert H. m 4 Jul 1847 Mary Sherman, both GtBarrington 
Loveland, Amanda, Washington, m 11 Nov 1832 Willi<\m Roth,WorthingtcT3j 

Lucy, Hinsdale, m 29 Dec 1838 William Beach, Washington 

William, Hinsdale, m 10 Feb 1847 Lucina A. Tower. Dalton 
Lovering, Levi Jr m 11 May 1856 Mary M.Campbell, both Royalston 
Luce, David, Hancock, m 14 May 1832 Mary Ann Ball. Pittsfield 
Lull, James W. m 24 Aug 1845 Sarah A.Harrington, ooth Pittsfield 
Lunn, Jane m 1 Nov 1835 Allen Bagg, both Pittsfield 

Mahan, Lucy, Dalton, m 9 Feb 1832 George Leonard, Roxbury 
Mack, William, Hinsdale, m 12 Nov 1834 Maria Watkins, Peru 
Mallen, Elijah m 24 Dec 1849 Sarah Bow, both Pittsfield 
Ma] lory, Ann m 2 Sep 1837 Clark Everts, both Stockbridge 

Harvey W. m 8 Nov 1855 Mary A. Cole, both NewAshford 
Mai.oigo, William 3. m 24 Mar 1844 Sarah Norton, both Pittsfield 
Maranville, Lois D. , Lanesboro, m 16 Jun 1838 Thaddeus Dunbar ,BennVt 
Mason, David, Savoy m 2 Sep 1838 Sli?;a N.Colson, Cheshire 
Eunice m 20 Apr 1836 Shubal W. Wells, both Cheshire 
Nancy C. m 4 Sep 1841 Marshall L.Bates, Cunmington She of Cheshire 
Philancy m 13 Jul 1839 Albert Jinks, both Cheshire 
Rufus L. , Cheshire, m 5 Mar 1837 Genett L.Potter, lanesboro 
Sarah m 15 Oct 1837 William Bowdish, both Cheshire 
Sophia M. , Savoy, m 6 Aug 1844 William N.Parker, Cheshire 
Matoon, Alvin m 18 Nov 1836 Mary Ann Fogal, both Pittsfield 
Mattison, Laban N. , Arlington, Vt. m 28 Aug 1835 Clarissa Daniel s,Wmftt 
'May, Calvin P. , Richmond, m 23 Jan 1821 Hannah Almira Babcock,N Leb 
* Emily m 1 Dec 1819 Chauncey Goodrich, both Pittsfield 

Jasper m 21 Feb 1833 Sally Tourjee, both Washington 
*Mary m 1 Oct 1817 Liman Hall (colored) 
Mayhew, Julia A. m 2 Sep 1845 Lewis Weeks, both Norwich 
Maynard, Eber m 10 Aug 1845 Betsy Wing, both Savoy 
Jotham, Dalton, m 13 Aug 1839 Thankful More, Becket 

: '- These marriages were by Rev. Silas Churchill 

MARRIAGES - Ira Hand 31 

McAusland, Elizabeth ra 8 Nov 1846 Thomas Hootihard, both Ptfd 

James m 23 Apr 1846 Maria Louisa Weed, both Pittsfield 
McCarthy, John m 26 Apr 1845 Catherine Dagnin, both Lenox 
McClowth, Daniel F. m 26 May 1833 Julia Northrop, both Cheshire 
Mcintosh, Lurana m 2 Jul 1642 John Jones, both Pittsfield 
McKoy, Paddock ra 30 Apr 1836 Julia Henry, both Hinsdale 
McWithey, Chester, Granville, NY, ra 27 May 1847 Sarah Jane Pope, 

Meacham, Jared, Cheshire, ra 23 Oct 1847 Jane Moacham/Worthington 

Ursula, Norwich, m 10 Sep 1859 Oliver Warren, Chester 
Mead, Ann Elizabeth, Ptfd, m 23 Oct 1839 Theodore Gladden, Nhrnp 

Maria Antoinette, Ptfd, m 15 Aug 1844 Abiai 3bepardson,Lancsboro 
Mellen, Joel 3. ra 16 Oct 1842 Louisa Harrison both Pittsfield 
Merrill, Truman ra 12 Sop 1836 Lucy M.Monreau, both So Lee 
Merritt,W.Stockbridgo, m 5 Jan 1836 John B.Cady, Au.-3terlitz,NY 
Merry, John A. m 26 May 1847 Ellen T. Hungerford, both Pittsfield 
Messenger, Mancy m 27 May 1841 Harvey Savery, both Washington 
Metcalf, Ruth, m 13 Apr 1859 Calvin Chapel, both Chester 
Michael, James, Lenox m 19 Sep 1839 Martha Mollen, Pittsfield 

V/illiam, Lanox, m 24 Nov 1847 Sarah Bronte, Pittsfield 
Miller, Clarissa D. , Adams, m 28 Jul 1839 William Bradley ,Lanesboro 
John m 21 Aug 1842 Wealthy Ishani, both Pittsfield 
Joseph, Tyringham, ra 19 Jul 1845 Julia B.Avery ,West Stbr 
Lyman m 15 Aug 1844 Rhode. Sophia Shepardson, both Lanesboro 
Mills, Caroline, Blanford, m 24 Feb 1841 Henry G.Pomeroy, Washington 

Laura m 22 Feb 1837 Fayette Corbon, both Williams town 
Minor, Giles R. , Stockbridge m 25 Aug 1833 Luzetta Avalin Holcnbeck, 

Lydia, Tyringham, m 20 Jan 1832 Russell D.Grcenman, StephontownrT 
Minerson, Violet ra 2 Oct 1840 David Roberts, both Washington 
Mitchell, Elizabeth, Ptfd, m 3 Aug 1845 William Ingram,, Richmond 
Mix, Laura m 26 Sep 1837 Levi Horton, both Lenox 
Molly, John, Hudson, NY ra 30 Aug 1841 Maria Jacobs, Sgrcmont 
Monson, William P. ,Whately, m 2 Apr 1840 Rachel J. Damon, Chesterfield 
Montague, Lucy Almira, Lenox, m 4 Jul 1841 David L. Hubby, Pittsfield 

Mary, Pittsfield, m 6 Apr 1840 John A.Hibbard, Lenox 
Moon, John Jr m 1 Oct 1837' Alsina Babcock, both 3tophcntown,NY 
Moore, Almar, Troy, NY m 19 Feb 1845 Sarah Tyler, Florida 
More, George m 7 Apr 1842 Eleanor Sanders, both Pittsfield 
Moore, Holland, Chesterfield, m 7 Aug 1843 Mary Ann Edwards, Worthingtor 
Moray, Benjamin B, m 26 Mar 1840 Louisa Davis, both Let, 

Cornelia E. , Stoohcntown,NY m 20 Mar 1845 Solomon Derby, Hancock 
Harvey m 16 Oct 1835 Mahala French, both Wostfiold 
Morrall, George ra 30 Oct 1844 Jane Mary Tanner, Nov/ Lebanon, NY 
Morr is, Jane, Lenox, m 1 Sep 1833 Thomas Jefferson Tucker , Pittsfield 
Morrison, John, Tyringham, m 25 Sep 1833 Eliza Harris, Salisbury, Ct 
Mullen, Harriet E. , Pittsfield, m 4 Jul 1844 Charles Turfs, Lenox 
Mullin, Jacob, Pittsfield, m 24 May 1844 Dinah Jackson, Lenox 
Muron, Andrew J. , m 30 Mar 1839 Mary I.Robinson, both Cheshire 
Murphy, Timothy, Mansfield, Ct m 7 Feb 1832 Priscilla Deforest, Lee 

Nash, Henry m 23 Aug 1844 Lucinda Jackson, both Pittsfield 
Nelson, William m 9 Oct 1843 Lucr^tia Fellugan, both Pittsfield 
Nichols, Ransom, Washington, ra 28 Nov 1844 Jane Herring, Bcckct 

Rufus m 21 Sep 1833 Maryette Witt, both NoAdams 
Nickolson, William, Lowville,NY in 25 Feb 1837 Maryette Brown, Cheshire 
Niles, John E. m 30 Jul 1832 Teresa Adams, both Worthington 


Noble, Nathan m 22 Sep 1642 Priscilla Sibley, both West Springfield 

Sarah Ann, GtBarr ington , m 30 Jan 1845 Abiathus Sykes, Ptfd 
Nolcott, Edmund m 11 Jul 1044 Eunice Vanderwayken, both New Leb 
Northrop, Julia m 26 May 1833 Daniel F.McClowth, both Cheshire 
Norton, Edward H. m 2 Nov 1857 Martha Holley, both Pittsfield 
Mary R, m 23 May 1839 Shaler V/.Eldridge, both Southampton 
Sarah m 24 Mar 1844 William S.Mandigo, both Pittsfield 
Nye, Eunice S. , Cheshire ra 9 Apr 1840 Daniel G.Tucker, Dalton 

Oakley, Elbridge G. ra 23 May 1333 Urania Tinney, both Pittsfield 
Oates, Phillip m 20 Mar 1842 Eliza Hall, both Westfield 
O'Bryon, Laura ra 9 Oct 1836 Calvin Brown, both West Stockbridge 
Odell, Henrietta m 15 Sep 1833 Franklin Thompson, both StephentownNY 
Mary m 26 Dec 1638 Austin Demon, both Gt Barr ington 
Robert S. a 1 Jan 1857 Lydia Hinckley, both Stophentown,NY 
Orcutt, Wealthy, Goshen, m 7 Oct 1832 Lemuel I.3haZi,Jr, Pittsfield 
Ormsby, Eliphalet W. m 9 Aug 1835 Emeline Holmes, Doth Lee 
Ostrander, Alexander m 51 Jan 1336 Hannah Sparrov<L?.wk, both N Leb 
Osborne, Ann Maria m 24 Jun 1635 Crowell Brooks, both Pittsfield 
Eunice L. , Lenox, m 14 Sep 1836 Lucian Heath, Oyringham 
Harriet m 4 Nov 1839 Levi Siser, both Blanford 

James H. n 6 Jul 1833 Rebecca Jadwin, both Pittsfield (Ladwin?) 
Luke, Blanford, m 4 Nov 1839 Jane Keep, Granville 
Otis, Shuball m 29 Apr 1833 Trena Butts, both Dalton 
Owen, John B. m 24 Feb 1836 Susan C.Cotton, both Otis 

Palmer, James M. m 7 Dec 1840 Mariah Benedict, both Stockbridge 
» ;f m 25 Jun 1844 Louisa Clark, both Stockbridge 
Parker, Caroline J. m 29 Mar 1840 Laurin Brown, both Lanesboro 
Lois m 1 Jan 1839 William Fergurson, both Adams 
Roger m 3 Jan 1849 Mary Jane Teel, both 3tephentown,NY 
William N. , Cheshire, m 6 Aug 1844 Sophia M.Mason, Savoy 
Zenas, Chester, m 19 Jan 1840 Sarah M.Corbum, './estfield 
Parkes, Stores m 16 Dec 1838 Lorinda Shaver, both Washington /NY 
Parmalee, Lydia, Hancock, m 24 Nov 1853 Liandcr Rivenburgh,Kinderhook 
Parmer, Hosea H. , Lee m 29 Apr 1836 Harriet Danforth, Pittsfield 

Piatt, Stephentown,NY m 8 Jun 1854 Carpenter, NewLebanon,NY 

Par sons, Abram, Claverack,NY m 2 Oct 1839 Mary Ann Frances Wells, 

Pleasant Valley, Ct 
* Phelps, Laura, Otis, m 17 Nov 1836 Thomas B.3eelys,Pownal,Vt 
Lurana, Rowe, m 1 Jan 1839 Levi Holmes, Adams 
Pease, Sarah M. , Lee m 26 Feb 1837 Kertland '/.Gary, Pittsfield 
Peck, Elisha S. , Adams, m 28 May 1335 Rosina C.Pitt, Pownal,Vt 
Levi, Pownal,Vt m 2S Sep 1832 Aurelia Flower, Adams 
Sirus, Troy, NY m 26 Liar 1836 Fanny Hoxie, Cheshire 
Penny, Mary m 23 Oct 1842 John Evans, both Stockbridge 
Perkins, Mary m 2 Sep 1857 James Smith, both Pittsfield 
Perry, Datus E. m 12 Sop 1853 Hannah Jadwin, both Pittsfield 
Mary m 3 Nov 1335 Daniel S.Lindsey, both Pittsfield 
Mary N. m 6 Mar 1843 Isaac Allen, both Dalton 

Titus S. , Windsor, m 4 Jul 1836 Phoeba M. Jadwin, New Lebanon, NY 
Valentine ra 2 Mar 1837 Irene Jackson, both Hinsdale 
Peters, David ra 5 Nov 1833 Caroline Annons, both Pittsfield 
John m 18 Jul 1845 Sarah './hitford, both Lenox 
Sarah, Lenox, m 18 Jul 1845 Jacob Adams, Tyringham 
Petit, William Henry, Lanesboro m 16 Feb 1844 Martha Brown, Cheshire 


Pierce, Clarkes n 2 Nov 1845 Ann Maria Edgeline, "both Pittsfield 
Pitsingor, John, Westhampton, m 12 Aug 1834 Prispab Wolcott ,Chcs'fd 

Warren m 1 Nov 1338 Elvira Chilson, both E. Otis 
Piatt, Anson B. m 13 Apr 1834 Harriet Williams, both Pittsfield 

George W. , m 5 May 1834 Eliza Carrington, both Pittsfield 
Pomoroy, Fidelia m 15 Sep 1836 Thomas P. Barrett, both Middlefield 

Henry G. , Washington, m 24 Feb 1841 Caroline Mills, Blanford /NY 

Julia Ann,Williansburgh, m 17 Sep 1840 Cortland Bates, Skaneateles 
Pope, Sarah Jane, Poultney,Vt m 27 May 1847 Chester McWithcy ,Granvil] 
Porter, Abigail M. , Cheshire m 9 Oct 1842 Albert Field, Adams \NY 
Potter, Genett L. , Lanesboro, m 5 Mar 1837 Rv.fus L.Moore, Cheshire 

Laura L r. 6 Dec 183''.- Hour;/ L.Washburn, both Lanesboro 

Phoebe m 30 Dec 1838 Rufus Garlick, both Lanesboro 
Powers, Malissa m 23 Feb 1839 George Clark, both Petersburg, NY 
Prate Anna m 9 Dec 1044 Samuel Williams, both Lenox 

George m 1 May 1834 Catherine Alden, both No Adams 
Putnam, Julia F.', Dalton, m 5 Nov 1839 Scth E.Churcn, Becket 

William N. , Becket, m 5 Nov 1839 Mary Ann Eumprtead, Dalton 

Quae kenbush, Lucy, SandLake,NY m 3 Oct 1844 William Clark, hmst 
Quick, Hannah, Lee m 3 Oct 1C34 Abram Thomas, Scodaclc,NY 

Race, Paulina, SoCanaan,Ct m 3 Dec 1836 John Volk, Stockbridge 
Raymond, Abraham I. m 1 Feb 1838 Mary Ann Booth, both Hinsdale 
Redficld, Priscilla m 51 Dec 1841 John Robertson, both Pittsfield 
Reed, Daniel B. ,West Stbr, m 8 Nov 1843 Minerva Lavantia Maine, 
Henry, Nassau, NY m 29 Sep 1832 Laura C.Thomp3on,NLcb \Canaan,NY 
Janes, Lue, m 12 Jan 1837 Helen Shanley Esperance, Schoharie, NY 
John P. ,Tyringham, m 4 Jul 1844 Rachel R. Anderson, Stockbridge 
Mary Ann, Savoy, m 22 Feb 1838 John F.Wentworth, Windsor 
Reynolds, Emily M. m 25 Jan 1836 Sidney L.Reynolds, both PetersburgNY 

William, Troy, NY m 12 Jun 1835 Sary Ann Safford, Troy, NY 
Rice, Augustus m 28 Jul 1842 Cynthia L.Griswold, both NoAdams 
Janes, Hinsdale, m ?A> Jun 1843 Lydia Thrall, Pittsfield 
Janes P., Savoy, m 10 Aug 1843 Dyantha Haskins, Savoy 
Fivenburgh,Lionder,Kindorhook,NY m 24 Nov 1836 Lydia Parmalee, Hancock 
Robbins, Mary M. , Becket, m 15 Nov 1837 Abnor Smith Jr, Chester 
Roberson, Robert m 16 Dec 1832 Eliza Hamilton, both Pittsfield 
Roberts, David m 2 Oct 1840 Violet Minerson, both Washington 

Eliza Ann, Williamstown, m 24 Fob 1835 Isaac Brown, Pittsfield 
Frederick, Pittsfield, n 1 Dec 1836 Mary Ann Hall, Sheffield 
James H. n 30 Sep 1837 Lavinna Bailey, both Pittsfield 
Juliet n 6 Nov 1832 Seymour Washburn, both Williams town 
Mary, Hartford, Ct, m 25 Oct 1843 Dan Stcbbins, Chester or Russell 
Samuel C, Hinsdale, n 1 Oct 1856 Mary B.Bailey, Pittsfield 
Robertson, John ni 31 Doc 1841 Priscilla Rcdfield, both Pittsfield 
Robinson, Elizabeth m 14 See 1343 Charles Gardner, both Sheffield 
James, Hinsdale, m 10 Dec 1842 Arvilla Vesbee, Chesterfield 
Mary I. in 30 Mar 1852 Andrew J.Muson, both Cheshire (Mason?) 
Rogers, Hiram m 25 Apr 1047 Elizabeth Mitchell, both Pittsfield 

Raphel, Stockbridge, m 11 Jun 1837 Sarah Elizabeth Coolcy, Ptfd 
Root, Elihu D. m 19 Sep 1832 Lucy Todd, both Northampton 
James B. n 23 May 1341 Harriet L.Bates, both Pittsfield 
Lucy m 3 Apr 1844 Charles Strong, both Northampton 
Rodney C. ml Oct 1839 Nancy Babcock, both Lenor 
Ruth, m 9 Jun 1056 Porter Smith, both Lenox 


Roth, William, Worthington, m 11 Nov 1832 Amanda Loveland, Washington 
Rouse, Charles m 20 Oct 1850 Frances Bentley, both Pittsfield 

Lothrop m 2 Ian 1837 Nancy Clark, both New Lebanon, NY 
Royce,Mary Ann, Lisle, NY, m 25 Jun 1840 William Furlow, Westfield 
Rumsall,Sbenezer ra 17 Oct 1844 Lucy Dudley, both Roxbury 
Russell, William H. , Springfield, m 14 Sep 1841 Sophia W.Ware, Dalton 
Rust, Mary ra 8 Dec 1834 Minor Gibson, both Chester 

Safford,Sary Ann, m 12 Jun 1835 William Reynolds, both Troy, NY 
Sanders, Edmund H. m 25 Dec 1649 Louisa Fuller, both Lee 
Eleanor m 7 Apr 1842 George More, both Pittsfield 
Thomas m 25 Dec 1841 Ellen Kane, both Pittsfield /boro 

Sanderson,Y/illiam L. , Troy, NY ra 11 Feb 184-5 Sarah Middlebrook,Lanes- 
Savery, Harvey m 27 May 1841 Nancy M. Messenger ,both Washington 

Mary Ann, Washington, m 20 Jun 1838 George E.Bolmer, Yonkers,NY 
Scarborough, James H. , r, 18 Apr 1840 Sarah White, both New Lebanon, NY 
Schofield, Fidelia, Sheffield, m 4 Jul 1835 Washington Hall,Egremont 
Isaac m 11 Feb 1839 Diadema Clark, both Pittsfield 
John, Winsted,Ct m 1 Jun 1834 Abigail Thayer, Linsdale 
Scott , Francis A. ,Nhmp, m - Sep 1835 Amanda M.Simpson, Worthington 
John L. m 3 Oct 1850 Martha A.Chilson, both WiUliamstown 
Samuel m 7 Nov 1840 Mary Worcester, both Willirmstown 
Searls, Joel 3. ra 23 Nov 1836 Maria Freeman, both Norwich 

Ebenezer S. , Norwich, m 23 Nov 1836 Betsy Ann Warrington, Chester 
Sears, Ansel ra 23 May 1833 Elizabeth S.Corkins, both Springfield 
Seeley, Henry, GtBarringt-on m 16 Oct 1840 Sabrina Bill, Pittsfield 

Thomas B. ,Pownal,Vt , m 17 Nov 1836 Laura Phelps, Otis 
Segars, Fanny M. m 20 Jun 1859 Henry './ells, both Pittsfield 
Seymour, Chester ra 3 Jul 1836 Cornelia Bassett, both Lee 
Shaver, Lorinda m 16 Doc 1838 Storrs Parker, both Washington 
Shaw, Ott T. m 29 Jun 1839 Juliann Jordan, both Lee 
SA'auel H. m 6 Oct 185T Louisa Socole, both Becket 
Sheffield, Harriet m 30 Dec 1343 Edmund Little, both Lee 
Sheldon, William E. ,Stp] , m 23 Oct 1345 Rachel Woodworth,W. Stbr 
Shepardson, Abial, Lanes bcro, m 15 Aug 1844 Maiia Antoinette Mead,Ptfd 
* Rhoda Sophia m 15 Aug 1844 Lyman Miller, Loth Lanesboro 
Sherman, Eugenia, Adams, m 28 Sep 1342 Henry Curtis, New Lebanon, NY 
Lydia, Williams town, m 24 Oct 1842 Dyer P.Green, Berlin, NY 
Mary m 4 Jul 1847 Albert IP Lorain, both GtBarrington 
Shields, Michael H. , Hinsdale, ra 19 Mar 1839 Margaret Cobbet, Dalton 
Sibley, Miranda ra 9 Jan 1834 Thomas Gray^, both Richmond 
Simmons, George m 20 Jar 1840 Elizabeth Greenwood, both Pittsfield 
Simp son, Amanda M. , Worthington, m Sep 1835 Fiancis A.Scott,Nhmp 

Clarissa ra 17 Jun 1859 Abel Cross Jr, both Berlin, NY 
Siser, Asenath, Blanford, ra 30 Oct 1842 John Walker, Blanford 
Levi m 4 Nov 1339 Harriet Osborn, both Blanford 
Reuben ra 7 Oct 1345 Hannah M. Harris, both Becket 
Slack, William m 14 Oct 1842 Mercy Crisp, both Northampton 
Slade, Mary, Worthington, m 12 Nov 1855 James M.Cole, Northampton 
Sraead, Nathaniel II. m 16 Aug 1835 Malinda Sykes, both Washington 
Smith, Abner Jr, Chester, m 15 Nov 1837 Mary M.Robbins, Becket 
Alexander J., Hinsdale, m 13 Dec 1842 Henrietta Barton, Ptfd 
Ann Eliza, Norway, NY, m 15 Sep 1833 Jesse A. Jinks, Cheshire 
Benjamin m 12 Sep 1844 Emily Ann Hall, both NoAdams 
Calvin, Middlefield, m 22 Mar 1837 Harriot M. Crosier, Peru 
Henry m 25 Nov 1840 Electa Lawrence, both Dalton 

*Sheperd, Clarissa m 4 Mar 1847 Charles Buck, both Lanesboro 

MARRIAGES - IRA HAND -I £>ft 1 ^1 ^ 35 

Smith, James m 2 Sep 1837 Mary Perkins, both Pittsfiold 

Lovinia m 14 Mar 1840 Amasa Bradway, both Stephentown, NY 
Mary, Lanesboro, m 14 Jul 1833 Lyman Thayer, Plainfield 
Mary, Pittsfield, m 3 Dec 1833 Henry Thomas, Richmond 

Moses, m 8 Jun 1842 Olive Cowan, Williams town 

Murray A. m 6 Jan 1847 Laura M. Hosford, both Williamstown 
Nancy m 20 Jun 1841 Thomas Kendall, both Dalton 
Naomi m 3 Oct 1837 John Bolster, both Cheshire 
Orrin C. m 12 May 1839 Orpha Blinn, both NoAdams 
Porter n 9 Jun 1836 Ruth Root, both Lenox 
Sarah Ann m 25 Sep 1859 Peter G. Tower, both Adams 
Snider, Betsy m 27 Jul 1839 Jacob T ,,'ilson, both GtBarrington 
Snifin, John m 10 May 1849 Seropta J.Thayer, both Stephentown, NY 
Snow, Achsy m 3 Jul 1845 Eli Beach, both Tolland 

Luther C., Cummington, m 3 Nov 1841 Susan Weeks, Norwich 
Socole, Louisa ra 6 Oct 1839 Samuel H.Shaw, both Becket 
Southworth, Louisa A. ra 16 Nov 1840 Henry J.Brown, both Cheshire 
Sparks, Lucinda m 30 Dec 1857 Elijah Thomas Jr, both Lenox 
Sparrowhawk, Hannah m 51 Jan 1836 Alexander Ostrander, both New Leb 
Spencer, John m 5 Oct 1844 Fanny Stewart, both Pittsfield 

Samuel m 16 Feb 1857 Louisa Greenwood, both Richmond 
Sprague, Ira Jr ra 17 Oct 1852 Elizabeth S.Hall, both Pittsfield 
Spring, Cleopatra, Hindsale, m May 1857 Wesley Swart, Pittsfield 

Sary M. , Washington, m 25 Mar 1856 Moses Lcland, Worcester 
Spurr, Sarah m 22 Doc 1815 William Kinsley 

Squires, Mallissa m 15 Aug 1857 John Wylie, both Pittsfield 
Stanbro, Alnryra m 21 Dec 1837 Edmund Tinker, both Dalton 

Harriet m 26 May 1839 Horace Tucker, both Dalton 
Stanton, Charles H. m 20 Oct 1838 Harriet Tickenor, both Lee 
Stark, V/illiam, Nhmp, m 32 Jun 1838 Nancy Hall, Whmp 
Stebbins, Dan, Chester m 25 Oct 1843 Mary Roberts, Hartford, Ct 
Stedman, Harriet , Lenox, m 9 Feb 1858 Josiah Hinckley, Lee 

Mary ra 26 Sep 1855 Nelson './heeler, both Lenox 
Stevens, Eunice m 10 Nov 1836 John '/.Tyler, both Richmond 
Mehitable, Lee, m 51 Dec 1854 Ebenezer Calkins, Tyringham 
Miranda L. , m 25 May 1356 Joshua talker, both Pittsfield 
Moza, Lenox, m 13 Sep 1352 Sophia Barnum, Stockbridge 
Sarah A. m 19 Feb 1857 Erastus S.Swift, both Pittsfield 
Sybil, m 10 Nov 1836 Z opium i ah P.Briggs, both Richmond 
Stewart, Fanny m 3 Oct 1844 John Spencer, both Pittsfield 

Johiel, Lanesboro, ra 10 Aug 1834 Annis Whittecur( -ker?) , Hancock 
Stocking, Henrietta m 15 Oct 1339 \7aldo C. Fuller, both Pittsfield 
Homer, Pittsfield, m 10 Feb 1847 Marcia L.M erryf ield, Dalton 
Horace m 25 Nov 1840 Jane Fairfield, both Dalton 
Marietta, Pittsfield, m 16 Jan 1857 George M.Wood, Lanesboro 
Streeter, Horace L. m 2 Nov 1845 Mary A. Edmonds 
Strong, Charles ra 5 Apr 1844 Lucy Root, both Northampton 

Horace E. m 5 Mar 1852 Sybbella Clapp, both Southampton 
Stroud, Harriet, Stamford, Vt m 12 Sep 1844 Andrew J. Cady, Greenwich, NY 
Sucker, Sylvia, Lanesboro, m 25 Jul 1346 Algernon Hoose, Dalton 
Swart, David m 14 Apr 1853 Mahittable C.Clark, both Pittsfield 

Wesley, Pittsfield, ra May 1837 Cleopatra Spring, Hinsdale 
Sweet, Anna, GtBarrington, m 6 3ep 1832 John Fields, Stockbridge 
Eliza Ann m 3 Nov 1839 Harman H. Whitman, both Hancock 
Rev. John, E.Hartland,Ct m 10 Nov 1845 Mrs. Phoebe Clark, Tolland 
Russell ra 15 Jul 1852 Polly Waterman, both Stephentown, NY 


Swift, Erastus 3. m 19 Feb 1857 Sarah A.Stevens, both Pittsfield 
Sykcs, Abiathus, Pittsficld, m 30 Jan 1845 Sarah Ann Noble, GtBar 
Amos B. , Pittsfield, m 28 Doc 1835 Martha M.Wheeler, Lenox 
Harriet, Pittsfield, m 31 Aug 1844 Henry C.Congdon, Washington 
Malinda in 16 Aug 1836 Nathaniel H.Smead, both Washington 

Talcott, Alanson m 11 Dec 1834 Elizabeth Goodrich, both Pittsfield 
Albert m 10 Aug 1834 Rhoda Daniels , both Lanesboro 
William m 18 Jan 1837 Louisa Bradley, both Lanesboro 
Tanner, Jane Mary m 30 Oct 1844 George Morrall, both New Lebanon, NY 

Rebecca S. ,Stuyvesant ,NY, m 26 May 1839 William Brown, W.Stbr 
TenSyck, John, Lenox, m 9 Oct 1847 Rebecca Maria Hamilton, Ptfd 
Thayer, Abigail, Hinsdale, m 1 Jun 1S54 John Schof ield,Winsted,Ct 
Cordelia, Hinsdale, m 10 Oct 1832 George W. Barker, Pittsfield 
Lyman, Plainfield, m 14 Jul 1833 Mary Smith, Lanesboro 
Mary m 20 Jun 1841 Stephen D.Browncll, both Chatham, NY 
Thomas, Abrom, 3chodac!;,NY, m 3 Oct 1834 Hannah Quick, Lee 
Elijah Jr m 30 Dec 1837 Lucinda Sparks, both Lunox 
Henry, Richmond, m 3 Dec 1833 Mary Smith, Pittsfield 
Manna L. m 19 Sep 1839 Almira R.Broca, both Bccket 
Sarah P. m 4 Jun 1836 James L. Jones, both Petersburg, NY 
Thompson, Augusta Maria in 23 Feb 1843 Thomas Kershaw, both Pittsfield 
Elizabeth, Lee, m 29 Jun 1856 John Cranston, Kinderhook, NY 
Franklin m 15 Sep 1833 Henrietta Odcll, both Stcphcntown, NY 
Henry ra 30 ^pr 1842 Emcline Freeman, both Lee 
Laura C,N Leb, m 29 Sep 1832 Henry Reed, Nassau, NY 
Richard, Lenox, m 2 May- 1844 Maria Anthony, Sheffield 
Timothy m 24 Jun 1837 Chloe S. Brown, both Chester 
Thorne, Stephen m 50 D^c 1843 Sarah Ann Gay, both Lee 
Thrall, Lydia, Pittsfield, m 26 Jun 1845 James Rice, Hinsdale 
Ticknor, Harriet m 20 Oct 1838 Charles H.Stanton, both Lee 
Timothy, Frances m 2 Mar 1857 Myron Ishbell, both Williamstown 
Tincker, Edward B. m 14 War 1856 Mary A. Angel, both Norwich 

Isaac P., Westfield m 14 Nov 1855 Sally Hamilton, Hampden Co. 
Tinney, Urania m 25 May 1S33 Slbridge G. Oakley, both Pittsfield 
Torrey, John, Curn.iington, m 27 Dec 1843 Lucy Kingsley ,Williorasburgh 
John G. in 16 Nov 1837 Betsy Ann Worthy, both Williamstown 
Justin m 6 Apr 1837 Olive Converse, both Williamstown 
Sarah m 5 Jan 1843 James Blake, both Hancock 
Tourjee, Sally m 21 Feb 1833 Jasper May, both '/ashington 
Tower, Peter G. m 25 Sep 1859 Sarah Ann Smith, both Adams 

Theda A. m 6 Sep 1840 William Ferguson, both Dalton 
Treadwell, William m .1 Apr 1858 Marium Zcziah Ensign, both Ptfd 
Trumb ell, Thankful E, Washington, m 14 Feb 1332 David W.T. Jones, Buck- 
Tryon, Edward m 12 Mar 1845 Julia Ann Brown, both Ptfd \Land 

Tucker, Daniel G.,Dalton, m 9 Apr 1840 Eunice E.Nye, Cheshire 
Edmund m 21 Dec 1837 Almyra Stanbro, both Dalton 
Harriet E. m 22 Feb 1845 Henry Hamilton, both Pittsfield 
Horace m 26 May 1839 Harriet Stanbro, both Dalton 
Thomas Jeff erson, Ptfd, m 1 Sep 1633 Jane Morris, Lenox 
Turfs, Charles, Lenox, in 4 Jul 1844 Harriet S.Mullen, Pittsfield 

John m 23 May 1841 Lucinda Hamilton, both Pittsfield 
Twiss, Asenath S. m 21 Aug 1836 Lyman R.Abby, both Middlefield 
Tyler, John W. m 10 Nov 1836 Eunice Stevens, both Richmond 
Lydia m 10 May 1836 Jonas Dodge, both Pittsfield 
Sarah, Florida, m 19 Feb 1845 Almar Moore, Troy, NY 


Utley, Lucy B. m 25 May 1835 Norris Warner Hatch, both Richmond 

Vanderbogart, William li. m 16 Jun 1839 Caroline Holdridge,both Nas- 
Vanderpool, Isaac, Lee, m 27 Sep 1838 Diannah Hulbert, Lenox 
Vanderv/ayken, Eunice m 11 Jul 1844 Edmund Nolcott.both New LebanonNY 
VanDusen, Elizabeth m 24 Oct 1840 Byron Knickerbocker , both CopakeNY 
VanVleck, James H.,Dalton, m 28 Jan 1332 Mary 1,1. Haskins, Washington 
Vardon,Griffeth Bavel ia 29 May 1836 Ann Frances Beverley, both Ptfd 
Vesbee, Arvilla, Chesterfield, m 10 Dec 1842 James Robinson, Hinsdale 
Vocelles, Joseph m 9 Oct 1836 Bridget Bragg, both West Stockbridge 
Volk, Elizabeth, Stockbridge, m 16 Sep 1837 John M.Hall, Richmond 

John, Stockbridge, m 3 Dec 1836 Paulina Rice, So Canaan, Ct 
Vosburgh, Harry m 20 Jul 1840 Nancy Ann Harrison, both Hancock 

Wait, Mary Augusta, Saratoga Sprgs,NY, m 29 Sep 1838 Ambrose Bennett, 
Walker, John m 30 Oct 1842 Asenath Siser,both Blanford \C_heshire 
Joshua m 25 May 1836 Miranda L.Stevens, both Pittsfield 
Mary m 13 Jan 1841 Joseph Wording, both Pittsfield /TiusNY 
Walling, Merc ia P. , Spencer town, NY m 13 Nov 1836 Allan Blanchard.Aure- 
Ward, Lucinda, ,,'estfield, m 25 Oct 1836 Leland Burlingham, Pittsfield 
Malinda.W Stbr, m 23 Jun 1836 Nathan Kinne,.... 
Maria m 4 Oct 1836 Horace Dean, both GtBarrington 
Priscilla, Washington, m-24 Apr 1832 Israel Bissell, Hinsdale 
V/are, Sophia W. ,Dalton, m 14 Sep 1841 William H.Russell, Springfield 
Warner, Erastus, GtBarrington, m 18 Aug 1836 Sarah F. Staples, Ptfd 

Levi m 18 Aug 1836 Almira Younglove, both GtBarrington 
Warren, Caleb L. m 13 Feb 1839 Mariah C.Flemming, both Dalton 

Oliver, Chester, m 10 Sep 1839 Ursula Meacham, Norwich 
Washburn, Henry L. m 6 Dec 1838 Laura E.Potter, both Lanesboro 

Seymour m 6 Nov 1832 Juliet Roberts, both Williamstown 
\, 'at erman, Erne line, Russell, m 9 Jun 1832 James Brown Jr, Blanford 
Eveline m 3 Jul 1836 Gerritt Bennett, both Stephentown, NY 
Polly m 15 Jul 1832 Russell Sweet, both Stephentown, NY 
Waters, Henry, Colchester ,Ct m 22 May 1853 Phoeba Ann Bailey, Ptfd 
Watkins, Charles B. m 6 Nov 1841 Fanny Fairfield, both Dalton 
George A. , Pittsfield, m 8 Aug 1339 Mary Kellogg, Windsor 
Horace, Pittsfield, m 25 Oct 1838 Parmelia Bearden, Dalton 
Maria, Peru, m 12 Nov 1834 William Mack, Hinsdale 
Samuel H. n 5 Dec 1845 Sophia Balcom, both Pittsfield 
Watson, Zyfphi C, Canaan, NY m 24 Sep 1834 Porter Woodward, Nassau, NY 
Way, Laura m 13 May 1845 Thomas Ellis, both Pittsfield 
Weed, Maria Louisa m 25 Apr 1816 James McAusland,both Pittsfield 
Weeks, Kezekiah, m 3 Jul 1838 Minerva Angel, both Norwich 
Lev/is m 2 Sep 1845 Julia A.Mayhew, both Norwich 
Susan, Norwich, m 3 Nov 1841 Luther C.Snow, Cummington 
Weir, George m 11 Aug 1839 Ann Holder, both Pittsfield 
Weller, Dolly Ann,v/estf ield, m Mar 1835 William T.Goar, Pittsfield 

Catherine m 23 Oct 1832 John Cresa, both Nov; Lebanon, NT 
Wells, Henry m 20 Jun 1839 Fanny M. Sogers, both Pittsfield 

Mary Ann Frances, PleasantVallcy,Ct m 2 Oct 1839 Abram Parsons, 
Sarah, m 28 Sep 1836 Sber Brooks, both Ptfd \Claverack,Ni" 
Shubal W. m 20 Apr 1836 Eunice Mason, both Cheshire 
Wentworth, John F. , Windsor, m 22 Feb 1833 Mary Ann Rood, Savoy 
West, John, Ptfd, m 14 Apr 1844 Mary Ann Harris, Cheshire 
Wharf ield, Reuben, Ptfd, m 28 Sep 1839 Catherine Lloyd, Dalton 
Wheeler, Martha M. , Lenox, m 23 Dec 1335 Amos B.Sikes, Pittsfield 


Wheeler, Nelson in 26 Sep 1835 Mary Stedman, both Lenox 

Sarah A. , Hancock, m 25 Dec 1841 Samuel G.Clark, Berlin, NY 
'white, Jason Jr, Hancock, m 20 Apr 1840 Eunice Baker, Lanesboro 

Sarah m 18 Apr 1840 James H.Scarborough, both New Lebanon, NY 
V/hitford, Sarah m 18 Jul 1845 John Peters, both Lenox 
'/hitman, Eliza A. ,NewAshford, m 15 Oct 1836 Henry 17. Cole, Adams 

Harman H. m 3 Nov 1839 Eliza Ann Sweet, both Hancock 
Whitney, Albert A. , Ptfd, m 17 Sep 1833 Mary Jewett Brown, Cheshire toro 
\.hittecur( -ker?) ,Annis, Hancock, m 10 Aug 1834 Johiel Stewart, Lanes- 
l/hittlesey, Louisa, Catskill, NY m 3 Jun 1838 Charles Hamilton, Ptfd 
T ,/ilbur,Ann Eliza m 25 Mar 1847 Horatio Williams, both Pittsfield 
Wilcox, Cynthia A. , Lexington, NY m 13 Apr 1844 Thomas L.Brooks, Ptfd 
Wild, Jesse W. m 12 May 1837 Laura Eliza Hall, both Pittsfield 
Uilkinson,Mary Ann m 10 Sep 1836 Clark Green, both Petersburg, NY 
Williams, Harriet m 13 Apr 1834 Anson B. Piatt, both Pittsfield 
Harriet, m 5 Sep 1840 William Bates, both Stockbridge 
Harvey m 5 Sep 1840 Delia E.Davis, both Stockbridge 
Horatio m 25 Mar 1847 Ann Eliza Wilbur, both Pittsfield 
Jane m 5 Nov 1839 Moriah Jenne, both Lenox 

John, Stockbridge, m 13 Nov 1834 Maryan Dunbar, './est Stockbridge 
Mary m 3 Jul 1842 Henry Cook, both Stockbridge 
Mary E. m 26 Feb 1837 Thomas Clark, both Pittsfield 
Minerva Ann m 2 Jun 1844 John Farnum, both Lanesboro 
Ruth m 1 Jan 1839 George R.Blake, both Stockbridge 
Samuel m 9 Oct 1853 Harriet Lewis, both Lenox 
Samuel m 9 Dec 1844 Anna Pratt, both Lenox 
Willis, William m 1 May 1837 Elizabeth Harrison, both Westficld 
Wilson, Jacob m 27 Jul 1839 Betsy Snider, both GtBarrington 

Samuel A. , Smyrna, NY m 11 Jul 1844 Antoictte Clark, Lebanon Spgs,NY 
Winchcll, Homer, Lee, m 22 Apr 1843 Elizabeth Farnum, Lanesboro 
Wing, Betsy m 10 Aug 1843 Sber Maynard, both Savoy 
Witt,Maryettc m 21 Sep 1833 Rufus Nichols, both NoAdams 
Wolcoll,Prisp?h,Chestcrf ield,m 12 Aug 1834 John Pit singer, V.hmp 
Wood, Daniel L., Cheshire, m 19 May 1844 Chloe Ann Bourne, Lenox 
Elisha m 15 Nov 1855 Paulina Daniels, both Cheshire 
George M. , Lanesboro, m 16 Jan 1837 Marietta Stocking, Ptfd 
Woodsworth, Rachel, W.Stbr, m 23 Oct 1845 William E. Sheldon, Stph 
Woodward, Porter, Nassau, NY m 24 Sep 1834 Zylphi C. /at son, Canaan, NY 
Worcester, Mary m 7 Nov 1840 Samuel Scott, both Williamstown 
Worden, Gilbert m 21 Aug 1836 ./imanda Harris, both Middlefield 
Wording, Joseph m 13 Jan 1841 Mary Walker, both Pittsfield /NY 
Worthington, David, Petersburg, NY m 23 Jan 1836 Roxanna Allen, Grafton 
Worthy, Betsy Ann m 16 Nov 1837 John G.Torrey, both Williamstown 
Wrisley, Fanny m 7 Oct 1846 Henry Baker, both Conway 

Lucretia m 5 Oct 1839 Daniel York, both NoAdams 
Wylie, John m 13 Aug 1837 Malissa Squires, both Pittsfield 

Yale, Lucretia ra 29 Nov 1838 Albert Allen, both New LEbanon,NY 
York, Daniel m 5 Oct 1839 Lucretia Wrisley, both NoAdams 
Maryett, Becket, m 3 Oct 1837 Samuel C.Howes, Lenox 
William W. ,Ptfd,m 4 Dec 1851 Jane Hanover, Kinderhook, NY 
Younglove.Almira m 18 Aug 1836 Levi Warner, both GtBarrington 
Youngs, Julia M. m 23 Jul 1836 David M.Svarts, both Hinsdale 



| * refer to Marriages by Ira Hand 
♦♦ are found in both lists 

New Lebanon names, and those whose residence is unknown, 
are not included in this Index. 


ADAMS (including 

some oarly 

North Adams) 


♦Caro enter 



* Anthony 




* Arnold 



"Hi Her 




Mo wry 










v Dudley 































" ♦Johnson 













Hay den 




:: Hayes 








♦ Jones 











"~C olson 







































"'♦Met calf 











♦Ho 1 comb 



















V B warden 










great barring-ton 
♦Bid we 11 



>,o; 'Crocker 






♦Fl emitting 
;;: Gregory 
♦Hump stead 



































♦v, r olcott 

*\Jt is ley 






West on 


V/i swell 











HA 1 . .LEY 



















Pi ere e 






















♦Herri ok 





♦Me a chain 






* Daniels 












i Dow 























♦Burlingham ♦Garlick 






♦ v .'ashburn 




\ /heeler 

'• Clark 



♦ T ,7illiams 





Curt is s 



\ .'right 


























; 'Gay 




i ♦Hamblin 





♦0 mis by 











;; Hinds 








♦Howl and 






































♦P uters 






; -L: ail ton 












Ei.1 L 

J?, rv/in 



*r. T1 , , 3 

*M? chael 




sjcT. T _j 




♦Mou t ague 



Hub card 

Lore 11 
































♦Word en 









* Ingram 

'■Ma 11 or y 











also Adams) 







* Arnold 
















































. Ferguson 






\ /at kins 









*" mum 
*Ap thorp 


**E a i ley- 
*E ar iard 



Bent ley 










Chap in 


♦C .T'oet 

"T-a-o forth 
♦*Da:n i els 
-%b u sgy 

Lav any 








♦F in emus 










He yd en 

♦Hew, en 

♦Hog an 








♦Ma to on 

Matte son 




♦Mull in 





















'■ Treadwell 


♦ Wat kins 
>: Woir 

We Her 
♦Whar field 




♦ T ,/ild 




PLACE INDEX - Western Massachusetts 







St. John 






* Greenwood 







C Lark 



* Thomas 



Matt i son 



























*Ha skins 








* Anthony 























Corns took 








v Cooley 











































tolla::! 1 








*Adar. 3 








); Col] ins 

* Our dam 



PLACE INDEX - Western Massachusetts 


Bard en 
; ' Chapel 

:: Fullor 

*Ha skins 

"Parke s 






•" : Sykes 
" ; Ward 


Cor bum 



""Fur low 


>r Loomis 





♦Pit singer 























: 'Barnum 
Bur bank 



♦Hoi comb 
: ' ; Ishbell 














" : Allen 






;: Edwards 



■"Sunns on 

















Wall is 














































*C lough 
















:;: Stroud 










































































* Andrews 










v Clark 





































Wood worth 


: ;Chatfield 


* Whittlesey 









Burg or 



* Thayer 



















;, '\Knickerbocker 


















* Allen 


♦He Wl they 


♦C d •/- 


H:.; ggins 

Nil ec 


Hoi curat 





Pelt on 



:;: Cran,?>ton 




:; 'Hanovor 












>,; Kic kelson 








Hi cks 






"'I Woodward 





* Smith 




* Jones 


;; "Allen 

v Green 




v Haykes 

;,; 'Rcynolds 



_ Satterlee 


♦Loom is 














* Thomas 


v '3spc ranee 








*'. .''ailing 


:; '"Aldorraan 








;, Babcock 

; 'Doty 

Hoi comb 









v Snifin 













; , ^carp^nter 




;;>:: Chapman 








* Clark 


'" ,; Tanner 


Ni clio Is 


















*B diner 



















pi 9 „dd: /Marlboro 

Alexander, Lucinda Jane ra 19 Sep 1847 David Fuller .both New 
p35 line 1 Charles instead of Clarices